Augustinus Bader

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Augustinus Bader: Science-based cosmetics with proven effect

Professor Augustinus Bader is a German stem cell biologist whose research work forms the basis of the skincare series of the same name. For decades Bader was involved in cell biology research to discover the secrets of skin and skin ageing. The Augustinus Bader skin care series is science-based, which is why it is so successful.

The products are all formulated in accordance with the idea that the skin needs support with self-regeneration. Augustinus Bader creams all contain his patented Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8®) technology, which performs that function. Other ingredients in the creams’ skincare complex include vitamins and beneficial amino acids that activate the stem cells. They trigger a regeneration process and the skin looks rejuvenated, radiant and smooth. Wrinkles and mimic lines are also visibly reduced.

What is the Augustinus Bader brand’s unique selling point?

For a long time Augustinus Bader was an insider tip and a niche cosmetic brand. But word soon spread because no other brand has products that are as effective in terms of positive visual results. The Augustinus Bader products claim to improve the complexion in just 27 days thanks to forty perfectly coordinated active ingredients.

Professor Bader’s initial research objective was to provide burn victims with a better quality of life and stimulate the regeneration of damaged skin. He has been conducting related research for more than 30 years now and it was through that research that he came up with the idea of creating his own line of cosmetics. The cosmetic line, which is also called Augustinus Bader, incorporates all of his expertise in jars of cream. Everyone can profit from his innovative products that lessen the signs of skin ageing and damage.

Which of Augustinus Bader’s products are hailed as revolutionary?

Bader has registered more than 200 patents and incorporated some of his pioneering discoveries into his cosmetic products, revolutionising the beauty world.

  • Augustinus Bader face care: The Rich Cream and The Cream, two of the best-sellers, contain beneficial active ingredients that produce visibly positive effects on the skin. They stimulate cell function and improve the complexion. Because the products continuously stimulate the skin to regenerate, it is shielded against harmful environmental influences. As the name implies, The Rich Cream has a rich texture, providing intensive care and plentiful hydration. The Cream, on the other hand, is light, quickly absorbed and more delicate.
  • Augustinus Bader body care: The Body Cream is the body care version of the face care products and can be applied all over the body. It makes the skin feel silky smooth and is also hailed for its anti-cellulite effect.

All products come in the brand colours of blue and gold. Their upmarket look reflects the exclusive and effective content of these products that are raising the benchmark in anti-ageing skincare.

Get Augustinus Bader products at great-value prices and contribute to a good cause

Anyone who purchases an Augustinus Bader product makes a contribution to the Augustinus Bader Foundation, which helps those in need to obtain medical treatment. 10 percent of all the company’s profits go to the foundation. So the benefits are twofold when you buy Augustinus Bader products at great-value prices: benefits for your skin and benefits for people in need.

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