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Sisley cosmetics – skincare at its loveliest

The Sisley brand has been around since 1975. The world-famous company has been able to continue to develop over the decades and to stand out time and again with innovative products and ingredients. But the cosmetics company from France doesn’t only offer make-up. It also provides skincare products and perfume. Thanks to decades of experience, high-quality materials and effective recipes, Sisley provides high-quality products that leave nothing to be desired.

Sisley cosmetics – a family company with passion

When the d’Ornano family took over the natural cosmetics brand Sisley in the 70s, the company was still in its infancy. Today, as many as three of the five children from the marriage are involved actively in the company. Every member of the family brings valuable ideas to the table – and all in the service of beauty.

  • Sisley skincare: Sisley facial skincare contains valuable ingredients that supply the skin with important nutrients. The successful French company uses effective formulas and combines them with revitalising essences. The active ingredients plump the skin and give it additional elasticity. Along with Sisley day creams, masks, serums and cleansing products are also available – for a complexion that looks cared for and fresh.
  • Sisley make-up: Sisley offers foundation that blends into the skin, lipsticks that supply intense colours and highly pigmented eyeshadows. The brand values a glamorous appearance in every respect. So high-quality products that are long-lasting and emphasise the natural beauty of the user matter most to the company.
  • Sisley women’s fragrances: Unusual perfume creations with the wow factor that stand for unique fragrance experiences are the Sisley trademark. The company uses selected essences that are perfectly coordinated and represent the epitome of faultless perfume in high-quality bottles. Sisley men’s fragrancesalso enchant us with stylish compositions.
  • Sisley accessories: The French brand also offers various accessories such as high-quality brushes so that make-up and skincare can be applied properly. With these tools, you can apply foundation perfectly or blend blusher to best advantage. You can create unique make-up looks that look completely professional.

Sisley uses the power of nature to manufacture high-quality products. With the help of phytocosmetics, the brand uses special plant extracts to achieve a unique effect. A combination of essential oils, microionised colour pigments and essential skincare complexes creates cosmetic highlights that differ distinctly from other skincare products.

Products from the highest tier – Sisley cosmetics

Thanks to the best technologies, valuable skincare ingredients and high-quality formulas, Sisley cosmetics succeed in bringing astonishing products to the market over and over again. Make-up, facial skincare and perfume should not just make you feel good but should make a fantastic impression in every respect. It is important to Sisley to reduce preservatives to a minimum and to intensify the proportion of active ingredients. Users all over the world are simply blown away by first-class shades, intensive skincare ingredients and long-lasting perfume experiences.

However, the cosmetics company not only manufactures excellent products, it is also actively involved in the welfare of children. Élisabeth d’Ornano is the world-famous face of Sisley and devotes herself to organisations that support children with ADHD. Sisley’s passion, not only for creating the best products, but also for making the world a slightly better place, continues successfully today.

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