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MISSHA – Korean innovations and skincare

It all began in 2000 when the successful South Korean brand MISSHA first presented a few selected skincare products in an online shop – the hype around the products developed so rapidly that a short time later, a store in Seoul was opened. With high-quality products at affordable prices, MISSHA was able to wow not just Korean customers. The cosmetics soon conquered Germany and many other countries all over the world.

Radiantly beautiful skin with MISSHA

South Korea can benefit from a thousand years of beauty history. Various grooming rituals are still part of the everyday life of many South Koreans to this day. They ensure that the active ingredients can develop perfectly. MISSHA is also inspired by this requirement in its work and produces beauty care for different skin types. The goal of the cosmetics company is to give users a better complexion so they need less make-up to conceal spots or redness.

  • MISSHA face cleansers: Before applying skincare, it is important to cleanse the skin. The beauty brand offers various products to do this. A suitable product for every skin type is available, from cleansing cream to face toner and cleansing oils.
  • MISSHA face masks: Face masks are helpful to calm stressed or tired areas of skin. They cool the skin and are rich in valuable ingredients. They can penetrate deep into the skin thanks to the extended absorption time and develop their best effect. There are various masks available for different requirements.
  • MISSHA face cream: A moisturising face cream is a must in every routine. MISSHA has therefore developed a few skincare creams that calm the skin and are intended to support its regeneration.
  • MISSHA make-up: The MISSHA BB Cream is available in different designs, light in formula and is easy to work into the skin. For a no make-up look that promises a delicate glow.

To produce the products, the brand opts primarily for plant and mineral ingredients, which are protective and made with the latest technologies. This is to preserve the full effect of the ingredients.

Appropriate skincare products by MISSHA for every skin type

Particular MISSHA cosmetic products are intended for different skin types. Valuable substances like vitamins or proteins from cranberry, hibiscus or pomegranate calm the skin, supply it with moisture and alleviate impurities.

The company manufactures different products not only for every skin type but also for every skin age and categorically avoids animal testing. Whether the issue is youthful, stressed or mature skin: with the use of special plant extracts, collagen and elastin, the skin can recover. Every MISSHA cloth mask is composed of 100 percent cotton so the active ingredients can get to the skin better.

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