Biotherm Homme

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Biotherm Homme: High-quality skin and body care for the demanding needs of men’s skin

Stress, tiredness, UV rays and daily shaving leave their mark on the skin. That’s why the right care is essential to strengthen and regenerate it. Specially developed for men’s skin, the products from Biotherm Homme hydrate the skin. They nourish it with valuable nutrients and help to soothe it. Biotherm Homme includes everything in the range that well-groomed men need. From shaving care to body care, everything here is available in the best quality.

Biotherm Homme: Face and body care for men

Biotherm Homme’s high-quality products contain selected ingredients that are specially tailored to the needs of different skin types. Here, you’ll find the right skin care line for dry, tired, oily or blemish-prone skin. Do you suffer from severe razor burn or do you want reduce the signs of skin ageing? The brand also has a highly effective solution for these.

The skincare products contain the patented active ingredient, Life Plankton, an oceanic microorganism which is known for its regenerative properties. Biotherm’s miracle worker stands impresses with its soothing, protective and strengthening effect, which significantly improves the skin’s appearance. Other aquatic ingredients refresh the skin and help it feel smoother. Would you like to buy innovative skincare products from Biotherm Homme? You can choose from these product lines at parfumdreams:

  • Biotherm Homme Aquapower: Skincare in the form of creams and serums containing soothing thermal plankton, vitamins and regenerative oligominerals. It moisturises the skin, prevents it from drying out and relieves feelings of tension. After applying, your skin feels pleasantly moisturised, well-cared for and refreshed. Variants which contain SPF and antioxidants also protect against damaging effects of the environment and combat the signs of premature skin ageing.
  • Biotherm Homme T-Pur: Is your skin oily, shiny and feels greasy? T-Pur Gel from Biotherm Homme contains a special sea algae extract which regulates sebum production and mattifies the complexion. You can also order a cleansing gel for oily, impure skin from parfumdreams, which cleanses the pores of dirt and sebum and thus prevents new impurities.
  • Biotherm Homme Force Supreme: If the first signs of ageing are already noticeable, the Force Supreme line from Biotherm Homme should be called into action. The anti-ageing products contain powerful ingredients such as Retinol, Pro-Xylane, Life Plankton and Algae of Youth. They prevent a tired complexion, moisturise and combat dryness. The creams, serums and masks can minimise wrinkles and firm the contours of your face in a targeted manner. Care for your sensitive eye area with the highly effective eye creams. They reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Biotherm Homme shaving care is perfect for preparing your skin for shaving as it refreshes and strengthens without drying out the skin. It leaves a clean feeling on the skin and is easy to apply. Using it prevents a sallow complexion, smoothes the skin’s surface and removes ingrown beard hairs.

Buy skin care from Biotherm Homme

Well-groomed men will find what they need from Biotherm Homme: The brand impresses with innovative ingredients, high-quality designs and fresh, masculine fragrances. Whether it’s a refreshing shower gel or daily skin care with modern active ingredients – Biotherm Homme products also make wonderful gifts for picky men. Discover the large selection from the brand at parfumdreams.