Fragrances, Body and Skin care of Charlotte Meentzen

Charlotte Meentzen Kräutervital Cosmetics has been in existence for more than 70 years. The company … Learn more
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Charlotte Meentzen Fragrances, Body and Skin care

Charlotte Meentzen Kräutervital Cosmetics has been in existence for more than 70 years. The company is based in Radeberg near Dresden and currently exports to several countries including China, Switzerland and even Australia. The cosmetic products are based on herbal ingredients derived from marigold, guarana and tiger grass, aromas, vitamins and fats. Production is carried out in-house and does not involve the use of animal ingredients. Charlotte Meentzen Kräutervital Cosmetics has more than 100 products available for you to discover. These products include Make-Up, Body Vital, Special Care, Ampoule Ranges for home treatment and Q10 Skin Care for any skin type. There is also a complete range of care products for men too.
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The path to nature: Charlotte Meentzen

”Natural products are still best for the skin” – this motto describes Charlotte Meentzen’s philosophy very accurately and remains relevant, even almost 80 years after the foundation of the company. Charlotte Meentzen and her sister Gertrude Seltmann-Meentzen founded the company “Charlotte Meentzen, Heilkräuter Kosmetik (Herbal Cosmetics)” in 1930 with the aim of producing cosmetics using plant-based active ingredients. Even as children, both women were introduced to handling medicinal herbs by their mother. Both women wanted to make this knowledge available to a wider public and thus start a revolution in cosmetics. This is how Charlotte Meentzen became the natural cosmetics pioneer as we know her today.

Natural cosmetics that impress!

Modern-day research can only confirm that which Charlotte Meentzen and her sister were already convinced of: medicinal plants strengthen tissues, stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote cell growth. The cosmetics from the house of Meentzen feature a range of different beauty products that cleanse, invigorate, protect, nourish, and regenerate. Charlotte Meentzen revolutionised the cosmetics market with her skin care range Kräutervital, which, even today, still enjoys great popularity and features many different skin care products for healthy skin. The repertoire has been continually expanded throughout the decades of the company history and continues to grow today.

Charlotte Meentzen cosmetics, skin care products, and perfume for women

Besides classic skin care ranges such as Kräutervital, we also offer new products like Q10 skin care from Charlotte Meentzen, which was specially designed for the needs of more mature skin. Our range also features foundation and Charlotte Meentzen perfume.

The women’s fragrance Enjoy is a real fruity cocktail: the mixture of sun-ripened mandarins, oranges, grapefruits, as well as pineapple, rhubarb, cassis, peach, and guava invigorates the senses and conveys a sense of enjoyment of life, as the name suggests!

The Eau de Toilette Spray Spirit, on the other hand, is a particularly sensual fragrance whose floral note emphasises the elegance of a woman with dignity.

Charlotte Meentzen cosmetics and perfume for men

But it isn’t just women who can benefit from the high-quality products from the house of Charlotte Meentzen. After all, men need good skin care too. Our range of men’s skin care features After-Shave Balm, Deodorant, Moisturiser, and even more products specially designed for the needs of men’s skin. In addition to skin care products, the modern man will also delight in the refined and aromatic fragrance Spirit for Men.