DADO SENS Natural Cosmetics

Skin problems are part of everyday life for people in the 21st century. More and more people are suffering from irritated, allergic, dry or impure skin. DADO SENS soothes irritated and sensitive skin by using natural active ingredients that are kind to your skin. Premium product quality is absolutely essential for individuals for people with sensitive or problematic skin. This applies both to the choice of ingredients as well as to the purity and stability of the products in question. All items made by DADO SENS are 100% free from fragrances, colours and preservatives, paraffins, silicone, PEG compounds and animal extracts. With its DADO SENS Dermacosmetics business, the Lindner family has managed to give your skin exactly what it needs - both from a medical perspective as well as on a natural basis too. DADO SENS combines the best that nature has to offer with the extremely high demands of sensitive, problematic skin - regardless of whether the products are used for your daily care routine or as part of therapeutic treatment. DADO SENS is your expert for dermacosmetics for individuals of any age, allergy sufferers, or for individuals with very dry skin, neurodermatitis, diabetes, psoriasis, rosacea, blemished skin or acne. DADO SENS ensures a healthy skin balance. Enjoy the feeling of well-balanced skin all over again.