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State-of-the-art solutions, innovative technologies and targeted care make Lancaster … Learn more
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Lancaster Body, Face and Skin care

Lancaster the anti-ageing and sun care expert

State-of-the-art solutions, innovative technologies and targeted care make Lancaster the recognised anti-ageing and sun care expert.

The innovative and specific Lancaster anti-ageing care lines, united under the umbrella name of Suractif, offer the right solution for every skin type and every skin requirement. Wrinkle Corrector, Firming & Remodelling as well as Lifting & Tightening are included in the range of expertise.

The successful DNA Repair Serum 365 Cellular Elixir Intense doubles the effectiveness of your usual anti-ageing care* and lastingly stimulates the repair of the most important DNA damage to the skin, caused by UV rays, stress and environmental pollution.

Sun protection care by Lancaster

Lancaster, the market leader on the selective sun protection market** offers a large selection of different sun protection solutions. The most extensive sun protection technology against UVA, UVB and infra red rays is now also available in the new Lancaster Sun Sport and Sun for Kids products. The new Sun Sport and Sun for Kids Body Sprays can even be applied directly to wet skin.

*Tested over 4 weeks on 109 women used in combination with 365 Cellular Elixir Intense and their usual anti-ageing care.
**Market leader according to sales in perfumeries and department stores and warehouses pursuant to IRI Market Share 2012
Did you know?
Lancaster Total Age Correction and Lancaster 365 are renowned product groups from the company of the same name, Lancaster, which was founded in 1946, shortly after the Second World War. Since then, the company has stood for scientifically substantiated skin care, which utilises the latest findings from DNA research and dermatological studies. Lancaster offers different types of skin care, primarily classic moisturising creams, anti-ageing sets, and various sun creams. The products are sold in more than 40 countries. In total, Lancaster holds more than 750 internationally, self-developed, and approved patents. This also includes revolutionary findings, which feature in the company’s own products groups.

Anti-ageing products based on DNA

The Lancaster Total Age Correction range is the brand’s passion. The anti-ageing set makes use of a formula developed and researched by the company itself, for which the company also holds an active patent. The cream uses a three-step formula that nourishes using DNA, retinol, and infrared. The Lancaster Total Age Correct line was the first skin care range to combine these three factors with each other in their current form. The skin care range can be used for prevention as well as cure. It prevents elasticity loss, liver spots, and typical wrinkles from ageing and expression lines.

Effective cell treatments - throughout the entire year

One counterpart of the Total Age Correction line is the Lancaster 365 range. As the name suggests, these skin care products can be used to pamper the skin throughout the entire year. DNA damage is treated and damage from UV rays is reduced by regenerating powers. The skin becomes visibly and noticeably younger - when used twice a day.