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Kiehl’s – high-quality skincare with natural ingredients

When the German-born pharmacist John Kiehl founded the company Kiehl's in New York in 1851, he couldn't have foreseen that his products would still remain extremely popular almost 200 years later. All that time ago, he placed great importance on producing high-quality skincare and hair care products that were rich in natural ingredients. To this day, the internationally-successful cosmetics company still values premium quality and a product range that ticks all the boxes.

Rich Kiehl's cosmetics for a natural beauty routine

In doing so, Kiehl's does not use any products that are tested on animals in the manufacture of any of its skincare ranges. The focus here lies on natural and soothing ingredients which are well tolerated by the skin and hair. For this reason, many of their products contain ingredients such as Calendula or Rosa Arctica, alongside lavender, which have a revitalising and regenerative effect on the body.

  • Facial skincare from Kiehl’s: Everybody’s skin has different needs. Dry skin requires more moisture, while sensitive skin on the other hand needs gentle ingredients. You will find many Kiehl’s products for all kinds of different skin types in the product range. This means that everyone can gently cleanse their face, be it with a rich scrub, a cream or serum perfectly suited to their skin’s respective needs.
  • Body care from Kiehl’s: But it's not just our faces that need a great deal of care. The rest of our bodies also need regular and nutrient-rich care. For this purpose, Kiehl’s has a product range targeted at providing the skin with sufficient moisture and repairing damage in all areas of the body. In this way, even irritated skin can breathe a sigh of relief and benefit from intensive, long-lasting, caring ingredients.
  • Hair care from Kiehl’s: Normal, dry, coloured, fine or curly – there are many different hair types. Kiehl’s offers care products to suit every hair type to provide your hair with the optimal nourishment from root to tip. They offer shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, hair masks and scalp scrubs for this purpose. For that finishing touch, Kiehl’s also provides wax and styling creams – to give your hair some intensive care and a silky smooth feel.

The variety of products from Kiehl’s was designed to provide something for everyone. That's why all Kiehl's products are not only aimed at women, but are also excellent for men's grooming routines. Men's grooming products from Kiehl’s comprise both beard care as well as facial cleansing and creams. In this way, not only can you ensure you are purchasing high-quality products – you can also shop all products from Kiehl’s at great-value prices. That means you can enjoy quality that is first-class and affordable at the same time.

Exclusive Kiehl’s cosmetic products that deliver on their promises

Kiehl’s cosmetics provide a simple way to provide rich care for your body. The products also come in appealing packaging, which stands out from other manufacturers thanks to its premium yet sleek design. The contents are always of excellent quality, whereby unique formulas are used in order to meet the very highest standards.

Kiehl’s products contain balanced nutrients to soothe the skin and pamper damaged hair. In this way, you can do something good for your body during your everyday care routine, without causing it any unnecessary stress. The textures are easy to work into the skin and hair and leave no unpleasant residue. What remains is the pure, intensive care your body deserves.

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