04 Petrana The Black Line by Odin New York

Especially in the past few years, more and more perfume enthusiasts have developed a liking for unisex fragrances. Many connoisseurs now have at least one of these scents in their collection of favourite perfumes. So with its range of exclusive unisex fragrances, the creative heads behind the brand Odin New York have struck a chord and are keeping pace with the times. With this collection of precious fragrances, the experts in style and taste have proved their good nose and created a whole range of irresistible treasures for men and for women. Every perfume in the range whisks its wearer off to a different world of scents. With

04 Petrana, Odin New York

has created a perfume for all those who prefer a more floral and also exotic scent but would rather opt for a discreet fragrance than one that is all too heavy and rich. With their preference for creations that initially give off a daring impression but then always work in the end, the creators of this fragrance have combined coriander, blackcurrant and pink pepper with iris, heliotrope and violet leaf and topped this all off with a hint of musk, vetiver and violet root. This has given rise to a scent that seduces and caresses the senses but is in no way intrusive. Not only does this make 04 Petrana from Odin New York a scent for long evenings but also one of the most everyday unisex fragrances men and women can even wear discreetly in the office. With 04 Petrana, the unisex perfume experts have conjured an effective formula of charming scents reminiscent of summer evening strolls and blooming meadows, which injects optimism and colour into everyday life. The packaging and of course the flaçon offer an equal experience for the eye: straight lines and a strong yet discreet design skilfully draw attention to the perfume.