Skin care of 3LAB

Erica Y. Chung’s passion for creating the perfect product led her to co-found 3LAB with her husband,… Learn more

3LAB Skincare

Husband and wife duo Erica and David Chang, with more than 40 years of combined experience in the skincare industry, came together to create 3LAB. 3LAB is a passion project devoted to bringing the perfect technology-driven anti-ageing skin care to your routine. The couple has collaborated to perfect a skincare line that treats all signs of ageing: wrinkles, skin tone and imperfections. Erica and David have worked alongside top chemists to develop apple stem cell technology, reversing the effects of ageing with natural derivatives. 3LAB offers a full range of body care, facial care and skincare. Parfumdreams is proud to feature this collaborative brand cofounded on beauty and technology.3LAB was founded in 2007 by Erica and David Chung to bring together a team of dermatologists and scientists to perfect a lab-based anti-ageing skincare regimen. 3LAB's approach offers its line based on beauty and technology. Find 3LAB facial care moisturisers, toners, cleansers, face makes, eye cream, lip care and sun protection online at Parfumdreams.

3LAB Anti-Ageing

3LAB facial care offers unique collections suited to your unique skin type. The Ginseng Collection's eye, day cream and serum smoothes and softens skin with the brightening power of ginseng. 3LAB's moisturisers use antioxidants including Q10, algae extracts, lipoid acid, vitamins E and C and others to fight wrinkles.

3LAB Treatments

3LAB body care Treatments uniquely target lips, neck, hands and eyes from the effects of ageing. 3LAB's Healthy Glow Lip Care plumps out wrinkles with nutrient-rich moisturisers. 3LAB's signature Perfect Hand Cream treats skin with shea butter and liquorice extract. Find 3LAB's technology-driven line of facial, skin and body care here at Parfumdreams.