What is the effect of rose quartz rollers?

Rose quartz rollers are bang on trend. They promise lovelier and healthier skin, and are even supposed to be able to reduce wrinkles. But what does the rose quartz roller do and how are the popular massage rollers used? In this article, we explain and answer other questions about the beauty rollers.

21 October 2022

What is a rose quartz roller?

Rose quartz rollers have been used since the 7th century in traditional Chinese medicine. Like the gemstones themselves, rose quartz rollers are also pink. Two little rollers, which are composed of smooth, polished rose quartz gemstones are fixed to the tool. Whereas the larger roller is used on the forehead and cheeks, the smaller one can be used on the eyes, for example.

How does a rose quartz roller differ from a jade roller?

Jade rollers are also used along with rose quartz rollers. But how do the two versions actually differ from each other? At first glance, it is only the colour that makes the rose quartz and the jade roller different from each other. Rose quartz gemstones are pink and jade gemstones are green. According to traditional Chinese medicine, different effects are attributed to the two gemstones. The jade roller effect is supposed to be cleansing, depuffing and anti-inflammatory, whereas rose quartz releases tension and stress, and is supposed to have a calming effect on irritated skin.

Rose quartz roller – The effect

According to the suppliers of facial massage rollers, the rollers are supposed to have the following effects:

  • They promote blood circulation, which makes the skin look fresher and rosier
  • Lymph flow is stimulated by the roller movements and toxic materials are thus removed more quickly
  • They depuff the area around the eyes
  • Care products can be worked into the skin better through massage
  • They reduce stress levels and stress hormones
  • They relieve headaches and migraines

How to use rose quartz rollers

Before you start to use the rose quartz roller, you should first of all prepare. It is worth keeping the beauty roller in the fridge to strengthen the depuffing effect. Before using the facial roller , first clean your face thoroughly and finish by placing a warm flannel on your face to open the pores. This hack makes it much easier for nourishing ingredients to penetrate the skin. Now apply your skincare products as usual, which you can then massage in with the jade roller.

How does a beauty massage work with the rose quartz roller?

Basically, massages done with the beauty roller are always performed from the centre of the face outwards. Start at the nape of the neck and roll in small upward movements across the entire forehead in the direction of the hairline and from there towards the temples. Now move the roller from the inner part of the eyebrows to the temples and finally from the inner corner of the eye to the temple. From the centre of the chin, now move the roller across the jawbone to the temples, and then from the centre of the lips to the temples. In the next step, move the roller from the centre of the nose to the temples and finish by rolling from the temples to the lymph nodes. In this way, you help the body to remove toxins. When you have finished the massage with the beauty roller, don’t forget to clean the roller under running water. Otherwise, the next time you use the roller, you could get old skin particles and bacteria on your skin, which can lead to the formation of spots.

Does a rose quartz roller combat wrinkles?

Unfortunately, the claim that a rose quartz roller reduces wrinkles is a myth. There is no scientific proof for this at all. However, massage with the rose quartz roller stimulates lymph flow and blood circulation, which has a plumping effect on the skin in the short term. Rather than treating wrinkles, a rose quartz roller can, however, be effective in preventing wrinkles. Because regular lymph drainage and stimulation of the blood circulation slows down skin ageing.

When and how often should I use a rose quartz roller?

Basically, you can use the rose quartz roller whenever and as often as you like. It is particularly effective if your face is puffy through lack of sleep or due to an allergy, for example. If you use the beauty roller every day, you can also achieve preventative anti-ageing effects. So it pays to keep it up.

Who is a massage roller suitable for?

Massage rollers are suitable for every skin type and are a great supplement to your daily skincare routine. However, people with certain skin types should take care not to apply too much pressure on the areas of skin being massaged. If you have sensitive skin, too much pressure can lead to redness and have the opposite effect to what you actually want to achieve with the massage.


Rose quartz rollers are bang on trend. This is hardly surprisingly, as regular massage with a beauty roller has numerous benefits. It stimulates blood circulation, which makes the skin look rosier, fresher and healthier. Plus, toxins are removed more quickly, puffiness around the eyes is alleviated, beauty products can be worked in better to the skin, and stress and headaches are reduced. A rose quartz roller can also slow down the development of wrinkles. However, it is not possible to massage away with a beauty roller wrinkles that are already there.