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Caring for greasy hair – how to combat oily roots

What can you do if your hair gets greasy quickly and daily washing becomes a nuisance? Discover some effective methods and tips for how to stop your hair from becoming greasy so quickly and give it a fresh and cared-for appearance at the same time. Learn how you can care for greasy care with the right techniques and products without having to wash it every day.

27 October 2023 • 4 min. reading time

Research the causes: Why have I got greasy hair?

A healthy scalp produces sufficient sebum. This substance keeps the skin and hair moisturised. It protects it from drying out and and has an anti-bacterial effect at the same time. This also reveals the cause of your greasy hair: an over-production of sebum on the scalp. But why is this not the case for everyone? There can be several reasons for this:
  1. Predisposition: Unfortunately, the biggest cause of greasy hair is a genetic component or simply your own hair type. Fine, straight hair looks stringy quicker than thick, curly hair.
  2. Hair-washing mistakes: Too high a temperature, failure to wash out all of the shampoo, too rich a product or the wrong technique – all of these things can exacerbate oily roots.
  3. Hormonal imbalance: Above all, if you have previously never had to deal with a greasy scalp and suddenly have to wash your hair every day, this can be a sign of a hormonal imbalance. It would be best to talk to your doctor to find out if this is a possible cause of your hair becoming greasy quickly.
  4. Wrong styling products: They are either too drying or lie like a film on the hair, allowing the sebum to take hold.
So, you see, it is not so easy to find one clear cause for hair becoming greasy quickly. Several factors also often play a part. For this reason, there is also no magic bullet that works for everyone at the push of a button. The good news is: you can take a proactive approach and reduce the speed at which your hair becomes greasy with the best haircare.In addition, there are a few simple techniques for delaying hair-washing. One option is to use dry shampoo, which absorbs excess oil and can refresh the hair. Another trick is not to brush the hair too often, as this can stimulate sebum production. If possible, also try not to touch or style your hair too often to minimise the transfer of oil from your hands to the hair. Finally, the choice of a suitable hairstyle, such as a plait or an up-do, can also help to conceal greasiness.

Caring for greasy hair: develop your personal haircare routine

To start with, there’s one thing you should know: You will not find the best way to care for greasy hair overnight. It’s a combination of understanding the requirements of your scalp, researching the cause and trial and error. All of the following tips and tricks could work for you but also might not have any effect at all. Don’t be disheartened by this but try to find a different solution for yourself.

The right shampoo is the basis for caring for an oily scalp

The best shampoo should be able to do one thing primarily: remove sebum and dirt. The fragrance and conditioners contained in the shampoo are of secondary importance. Make sure your shampoo is clarifying. This type of product can do a better job of cleansing the hair than creamier ones. In addition, they usually contain less rich substances, which may encourage oily roots.The shampoo is actually only intended for your scalp. It should reliably remove all residues and rid the scalp of excess sebum. Many people find that shampooing several times can help to thoroughly remove sebum from the hair and delay the time when it becomes greasy. The best thing to do is to try this approach to see if it works for you. If you have a sensitive scalp, it's better to shampoo your hair once only.For rich and nourishing haircare you should use a suitable conditioner or use a hair mask once a week. Be careful Unlike shampoo, these products have no place on your scalp. The moisturising ingredients contained in them could make your roots become greasy quicker.
Shampoo for greasy hair

Use dry shampoo to tide you over between hair washes

In principle, there is nothing wrong with daily hair-washing if your scalp is really very greasy. The problem is usually with the dry tips, which actually shouldn't come in contact with water every day. With this simple trick, you can skip one to two days and protect your hair at the same time.The secret is: using dry shampoo the right way. It is best to spray it onto dried hair straight away after washing your hair. You can also leave it in to take effect overnight. By doing this, you intercept the first wave of sebum, meaning that the roots of the hair look fresh and breezy for longer. In addition, it provides an extra dose of volume. Finally, you can style your hair as usual. However, you should not use this trick every time and regularly wash your hair without dry shampoo. Otherwise, this will lead to a build-up of dry shampoo on the scalp, which can weigh down your hair.
Dry shampoo

Styling greasy hair: less is more

As a general rule, the following applies when styling and caring for greasy hair: do it as much as you must and as little as possible. Here we have a couple of examples:
  • Less heat when blow-drying: Temperatures that are too high dry out the scalp – and the scalp reacts by producing even more sebum to protect itself from the heat. You can also get good results with moderate temperatures.
  • Less touching and brushing: Even if it’s very tempting, keep your fingers out of your hair throughout the day and don’t brush it from root to tip from one hour to the next. If you do this, it will look stringy quicker. Tying your hair up in a plait or bun can help prevent you from playing with it.
  • Fewer styling products: Anything that settles on the scalp can boost sebum production. Therefore, you should only use setting lotion etc. in moderation. Products containing alcohol can indeed dry out excess sebum in the short term, bus they make the situation worse in the long run.

Styling tips for greasy hair: how to conceal your roots

The sleek bun is a timeless trend that works well even with slightly oily roots. You can part your hair or simply brush it back smoothly and tie it in a knot at the centre back of your head. Important for the look: No strands should fall onto the face or come undone from the bun. For styling, use hair gel or hairspray to hold the hairstyle all day long. With a wild boar hairbrush, you will achieve a super smooth result.Would you prefer something a little dressier? Braided hairstyles are a hit when it comes to concealing an oily scalp. Romantic Dutch braids, worn on both sides, provide a break from the norm and attract admiring looks.


Should you let your hair get greasy – yes or no?

New myths are constantly haunting our social media feeds. One of them goes like this: Don’t wash your hair for a week and your oily scalp will be a thing of the past. This CAN work, if your oily roots are caused by stress and you want to wean them off substances that weigh them down. Otherwise, this experiment can quickly backfire. If you stop washing your hair from one day to the next, bacteria, fungi and skin diseases can make life difficult. Would you like to extend the gap between hair washes? Then, take it easy.

Which brush is the best for greasy hair?

Be sure to use natural materials. Natural bristles help to distribute the sebum evenly from root to tip, while plastic has the opposite effect. When brushing, concentrate on the lengths and try to avoid the scalp as much as possible. Tip: Also clean your brushes regularly!


The best way to care for greasy hair is always an individual matter. As a first step, you should pin down the cause. It can also be sensible to go to see the doctor if you have a very oily scalp. Choose a mild shampoo that cleans well and gradually develop a cleansing and conditioning routine that suits your hair type. Dry shampoo, special hairstyles and hair ties will help you to feel happy in your skin and with how you look, despite having hair that gets greasy quickly.

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