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More shine and health – coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil enjoys an excellent reputation as a beauty booster for the hair and skin. If you dream of strong hair with an elegant shine, you should consider incorporating coconut oil into your care routine. Find out whether the exotic oil from coconut flesh is suitable for your hair type and which products are available in our beauty special on the topic “coconut oil and hair”.

18 June 2024 • 3 min. reading time

What does coconut oil do for the hair?

Thanks to its valuable ingredients, coconut oil is able to prevent split ends and hair damage, restore balance to a stressed scalp and give dry hair a silky shine. Coconut oil has a similar structure to the body’s own natural oils. As such, coconut oil sticks to the hair fibres particularly effectively and is great at filling cracks and uneven areas. Hair nourished with coconut oil is characterised by its natural shine and high level of protection.

What hair type is coconut oil suitable for?

Coconut oil is suitable for lots of hair types, but not all. Hair with a low level of porosity which repels water naturally due to its structure should not be treated with coconut oil. In such cases, the coconut oil would negatively interfere with the moisture levels of the hair. Porous hair, on the other hand, benefits particularly greatly from the protective, health-promoting effects of the nourishing oil layer.

Coconut oil and hair – use and care tips

At room temperature, cold-pressed coconut oil has an even, white colour and solid consistency. It only starts to turn into a transparent liquid at temperatures above 25°C. If you would like to use coconut oil on your hair, you can simply hold the desired amount in your fingertips and let it melt from the heat from your body. If you need a larger quantity, you can also warm it up slowly in a container.

Coconut oil as a hair mask and hair treatment

To use coconut oil as a hair treatment, massage two to three tablespoons of the nourishing oil into the lengths of your hair – as well as into your scalp if desired – and ideally leave it to take effect overnight. In this way, the valuable ingredients of the natural oil can unleash their full effect. The next morning, you can simply wash out the residues of your beauty hair treatment with shampoo.

Coconut oil for hair ends

Coconut oil protects the sensitive hair ends against drying out and mechanical friction – for instance caused by clothing and bed linen. After washing, take two or three pinches of coconut oil in your fingers and thoroughly distribute the liquid oil over the ends of your hair. After a coconut oil hair treatment, dry ends look healthier and stand out thanks to a natural shimmering effect. You can massage coconut oil into the ends of your hair after every wash.

Care with coconut oil for healthy hair

Coconut oil for the scalp

Coconut oil supplies the scalp with valuable moisture and prevents irritation and feelings of tightness. The fatty acids contained in the oil penetrate down to the roots within a short period of time, supplying them with nutrients, stimulating circulation and helping restore the nature balance of the scalp.

Coconut oil for the hair can – if used regularly – help get rid of dandruff. It is important to leave in the coconut oil for hair and scalp for at least 30 minutes for it to take effect. In order to prevent oily roots, after these 30 minutes you should wash your hair with a high-quality shampoo that is tailored to your hair type and the requirements of your scalp.


Coconut oil is a true all-rounder for beautiful skin and hair. This natural oil has a fine coconut scent, protects the hair against environmental influences as well as split ends and gives it a fine shimmer. The oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and can combat a dry and itchy scalp, balance out the scalp environment and prevent the formation of dandruff. When left in overnight, hair masks and hair treatments can develop to their full effect. As a hair oil, coconut oil is suitable both as a treatment for dry hair ends and as a natural styling product.

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