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Cuticle remover – the wonder weapon for perfectly manicured nails

The cuticle protects the nails from outside influences and germs. It is therefore essential it is treated as carefully as possible. To look groomed, it must be smooth and should not show any tears. Cuticle removers soften the tissue and reduce the risk of injury during the manicure. The risk of painful inflammation is also minimised. Good care of the cuticle is also essential after it has been removed.

Should you quickly remove a piece of cuticle with a traditional pair of scissors? That’s not a good idea. If the blade is blunt or you go at it clumsily, the cuticle will tear. This not only hurts, it also provides the perfect nutrient medium for bacteria. Neither should you bite off your cuticle. Professional cuticle removers are easy to take hold of and prevent the cuticle from tearing.

How to use a cuticle remover

First off, you should soften your cuticle. This makes the following steps easier. To do this, bathe your fingers in warm water. This relaxes them and is the perfect preparation for the manicure. Carefully dry your nails with a soft cloth. Now apply the cuticle remover. The most practical version is the cuticle stick because you can work precisely with it.

If you use a cuticle remover in the form of a gel instead, apply the appropriate amount. Afterwards, push everything back carefully with a rosewood stick. This procedure should be carried out very carefully, without causing any pain. You’d prefer to remove the cuticle completely? Then use special cuticle scissors and work while feeling around the area well with your fingertips.

This type of scissors is much more delicate than regular nail scissors. Their sharp edge gives you additional support in accurately removing the cuticle. However, you should err on the side of caution and cut off too little rather than too much. You need to learn how to handle nail scissors and practice makes perfect.

Why you need a cuticle remover

Beautiful hands are like a visiting card: people remember them. Many people do not understand why the cuticle should be removed. The reason is simple. It simply looks nicer and well-groomed, while setting off the fingernails better. Even if you use nail foils, for example, you have to push back your cuticle first or cut it right off. The following ingredients make the work of the cuticle remover easier:

  • Potassium hydroxide: Only contained in very small doses and mostly in inexpensive products. Can lead to intolerances.
  • Citric acid: Softens the cuticle chemically and can alleviate discolouration of the nail.
  • Sea salt: Removes superfluous skin cells like a peel. The intact cuticle is not affected.
  • Chitin: Also a physically active material that supports the removal of the cuticle.

It doesn’t matter whether the cuticle is softened chemically or mechanically: the procedure stresses the cells and afterwards they need an extra dose of care. The best cuticle removers are those that contain a proportion of allantoin, panthenol or Provitamin B5. These substances soothe and nourish the cuticle.

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