Partner programme

Earn money with the Parfumdreams Partner Programme!

It’s easy:

  1. Choose a network
  2. Register with the Parfumdreams Partner Programme.
  3. You receive up to 12% commission for every online order made.

Taking part in the Parfumdreams Partner Programme doesn’t cost you anything.
We provide you with a generous range of advertising materials for your website. On request, you can also receive individual advertising material for your website.

You can register with these networks:

Advertising guidelines:

When advertising the site, the following guidelines must be strictly observed:

  • Exclusive advertisement by sites with German-speaking providers with registered office in the German-speaking EEA zone
  • No advertisement by or linking with sites with pornographic, immoral, or illegal content, or content that could be detrimental to young people (e.g. illegal gambling, pyramid schemes, etc.)
  • All advertising sites must take into account the image of the luxury goods sold by Akzente GmbH, i.e. no sites whose presentation is damaging for brands and that make reference to discounts or price-cutting.
  • Advertising on sites that are certified by the Trusted Shops seal, for example, sell branded goods, and, based on layout and technical standard, are equivalent to the advertised pages of Akzente GmbH.
  • No linking or forwarding to sites that sell unauthorised branded goods.
  • No advertising on sites that give the impression that Akzente GmbH’s range is the advertiser’s own range, or that make reference to commercial relations between the advertising sites and Akzente GmbH.
  • When using adwords and keywords, the principles of case law on the admissibility of advertisements of this kind with terms protected by trademark law must be observed.