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Have a great hair day

Say no to bad hair days and be inspired by our haircare guide

The right care is essential for healthy, strong and nourished hair. In our range, we have the right solution for all hair requirements. We reveal our 10 tips to make your hair your new favourite accessory.

1. Washing your hair

Less is more. To avoid oily hair, you should stop washing your hair every day. We recommend only washing your hair every two or three days. This ensures that your hair has the right oil balance and that sebum production regulates itself. If you are not sure on the second or third day, feel free to try a dry shampoo. This will help you create a wonderful look.

2. Shampoo

Avoid silicones and parabens and opt for mild surfactants in your shampoo. With this tip, you can protect your scalp and thoroughly clean your hair at the same time. Another factor for success: don’t wash your hair with water that is too hot – lukewarm water is perfect.

3. Drying

Don’t rub your hair dry with a towel after washing it – just dab it! If you use the wrong method when drying your hair, the worst case scenario is that you cause your hair to break. That’s why you should also only use a straightener or curling iron when your hair is completely dry.

4. Combing

Wet hair is particularly elastic and more sensitive than dry hair. To prevent hair breakage, you should only brush or comb your hair when it is completely dry. If you don’t have time to let your hair dry completely, we recommend using a wide-tooth comb. You should also make sure to comb carefully starting close to the ends and then working your way up to the roots, always combing in a downward motion.

5. Blow-drying

Too much heat damages the hair. It is better to let your hair air-dry to give it time to regenerate. If you do wish to blow-dry your hair, hold the blow-dryer at least 20 cm away from your head and use a low heat setting. As the ends are particularly sensitive, you should always blow-dry starting from the roots and work down to the ends.

6. Essential haircare products

Conditioner, hair treatment, hair serum – the classics. But when do you need what?

  • A conditioner ensures that you don’t get any knots when combing your hair, preventing matting; in other words, the conditioner keeps the hair supple and makes it easy to comb.
  • Hair treatments are used to moisturise the hair. Use your favourite treatment every two weeks after washing your hair.
  • Hair serums are for real haircare experts! A hair serum is the ideal solution when the structure of your hair needs some intensive care. Massage it into your scalp after washing your hair to protect your hair structure, ensure a healthy scalp and provide sufficient hydration.

7. Don’t give split ends a chance!

Even if you never want to cut your hair because every centimetre counts. Getting a regular trim will result in long-term healthy hair and, most importantly, will eliminate split ends, which are extremely damaging for your hair.

8. Styling

Use scrunchies instead of hard metal clips, as accessories with soft coatings or fabric hair ties are less likely to break your hair.

9. Healthy diet

Getting enough vitamins from fruit and vegetables, plus protein from fish, quark (curd) and poultry is essential for hair strength and growth. The roots also require hydration, which is why it’s important to drink enough fluids.

Reminder: drink a glass of water right now

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