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spring trends

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Trend Natural

Natural looks and minimalism on our skin take centre stage in 2021. This beauty trend is also known as skinimalism. Natural beauty and no-make-up looks are the latest thing. Say goodbye to thick layers of make-up and show your sweet summer freckles with pride! The industry is also being shaped by ecological values, sustainability and reusable packaging.

Trend Glowy Skin

Toned, glowing skin which reflects the light. If you want to retain this youthful glow, products containing hyaluronic acid (as well as other key ingredients) should be an integral part of your beauty routine. Fluid textures and light foundations guarantee optimum results.

Trend All-in-one

Skincare and make-up effects in one product are two of the biggest trends of 2021. Save time and use these tried-and-tested solutions to combat several problems at the same time. This will allow you to create a fabulous look, even if you are short of time.

Trend Sustainability

Minimalism is the new luxury – sustainability in beauty products is a determining factor for many purchase decisions. The focus is on ecological values and reusable packaging. Our recommendations are waiting for you!

Trend 90's

90s trends from the beauty and fashion fields are playing an increasingly important role in 2021 once more. The wide variety of looks are a significant reason for this. Eye shadows and intensive eyeliners are at the very top. Vibrant colours and gaudy tones are enjoying a great deal of attention. One of the trend colours for 2021 is green, a colour which stands for renewal and hope.

Trend Catchy Lips

Intensive colours which bring a sparkle to your lips! Make a statement with this striking, important make-up trend in 2021! If you decided to go with catchy lips, then you are guaranteed to start your day in a good mood!