Intensive summer skin and hair care

Although you may love the summer sun, your skin and hair don’t. In fact, they need extra-special special care in sunny weather. Dehydration, UV rays, perspiration, salt water and chlorine attack the structure of the hair and dry it out. With the right care, high quality products and professional beauty routines you can keep your hair shiny and fresh-looking all summer long.

Summer skin care

Our facial skin has different needs in summer than it does in winter. When temperatures rise, sebum production increases. Regular cleansing with a gentle exfoliator removes excess sebum and dead skin cells. Afterwards, premium quality face creams containing panthenol, hyalauronic acid and aloe vera provide the facial skin with beneficial moisture and help it to regenerate.

Light-textured creams with a mattifying effect help to prevent shiny summer complexions. Mixed and oily skin benefit most from oil-free gels. Skin creams with SPF protect the skin of the face from the harmful effects of UV radiation – and they should also be applied on overcast days because UV rays can burn their way through thick clouds.

Sun protection for the skin

It’s essential to wear sunscreen all summer long. Just a mild case of sunburn causes lasting damage to the skin, and in the worst case scenario even skin cancer. Applying sunscreen sprays or other sunscreen products with an appropriate SPF extends the length of time your skin can be exposed to the sun without burning.

The rule of thumb is: if you already have a tan you can stay an additional 30 minutes in the sun after applying an SPF 15 sunscreen. SPF 50+ is ideal for pale skin types, but SPF 30 can be enough for people with darker complexions.

Always apply a thick layer of sunscreen - ideally around half an hour before you go out in the sun. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen at regular intervals because perspiration, friction and bathing cause you lose the protection – even if you’ve applied a waterproof sunscreen.

Sun protection for the hair and scalp

Our hair and scalp are often exposed to the sun without protection. The right care can help to prevent dull, straw-like locks and damage that is difficult to repair. An intact lipid layer and closed cuticle protects your hair from intense exposure to UV light, aggressive salt water and chlorine.

Hair treatments and nourishing shampoos with beneficial minerals and moisturising ingredients that are formulated for your hair type are the best way to ensure healthy, shiny summer hair.

Mild after-sun shampoos and conditioners gently cleanse and condition the hair after a long day in the sun. Leave-in creams and oils restore natural shine and make sun-damaged hair feel silky smooth again.

Treating sunburn with after-sun products

SOS sunburn! Just a few minutes of sun exposure is all it takes for some people’s skin to turn red and itchy. When you notice the first redness, it’s important to get out of the sun right away – it’s best to go inside – and apply a damp, chilled cloth to sooth the affected areas of skin.

Special after-sun products are formulated to meet the needs of sunburned skin and they also deliver an intensive moisture boost. Ideally, if you take action immediately you can prevent the burned areas from peeling. Until the sunburned areas have completely healed you should avoid exposing them to the sun altogether, and wear light, protective clothing. Don’t return to your normal skincare routine until the sunburn has completely healed.

After Sun

A summery glow with self-tanning products

If you want to say adieu to pale skin without exposing it to harmful UV rays, foam, cream, lotion, gel or spray-based self-tanning products are just what you need. Special products for the face and body give you a healthy and summery faux tan.

To prevent streaks and stripes on your perfect home-made tan, always use an exfoliator and moisturiser before applying the self-tanning product evenly. And make sure you buy the right shade for your skin. It’s best to choose a product that is just one or two shades darker than your own skin.

Self-tanning products that are specially formulated for use on the face are less rich in fats and do not irritate the sensitive eye area. Use them regularly to achieve best results and the perfect summer look.