World Ocean Day at parfumdreams

Less plastic, more beauty!

The ocean has been pleading for our help for a long time now. It’s World Oceans Day on 8 June! This day is intended to draw attention to the pollution of the seas and supports the implementation of global goals for sustainable development. A small contribution is better than none, so today we present you with products that allow us to keep our plastic waste as low as possible and work together for the lungs of our planet. <br> </br>

Our favourites with regard to sustainability

Our recommendations for World Ocean Day

The Swedish brand for professional vegan hair care Maria Nila works with Ocean Waste Plastic to develop 100% sustainable packaging, which uses exclusively plastic that has been extracted from the sea, recycling 959,000 bottles and containing 98% natural ingredients from organic farming. The Sheer Silver Conditioner restores your hair’s shine and ensures that unlovely brassy tones are washed away.

Facial care with kale and parsley extracts with brilliant antioxidant and calming properties. Green mineral clay also absorbs excess sebum. The Parsley Kale Detox Face Mask Refill comes in a practical and environmentally friendly refillable pouch, saving 80% of plastic waste.

Biotherm is highly committed to protecting the oceans. After all, water has been the main source and inspiration for the brand’s products since the 1950s. To make a further contribution to protecting the oceans from plastic pollution, the bottles for Lait Corporel from now on will be made from 100% recycled materials and can also be 100% recycled themselves.


Together we can keep our oceans clean

Marine animals often mistake our plastic waste for food. Turtles eat microplastics instead of jellyfish; fish swim in garbage patches full of chemicals and pesticides in the Pacific. We all know that this waste does not belong in our oceans. Together we can work towards reducing our plastic waste levels as much as possible.


Use refill products to save plastic and protect our oceans!

Today's motto: Protect what you love! To think about our oceans today and to make a small contribution against their pollution, we present the products with which you can save some plastic waste. You can easily refill the packaging later and don't always have to order a new bottle!

Our tips for World Ocean Day

Start with proper waste separation. Make sure you separate the different parts of the packaging correctly – for instance, you should dispose of the lid of a Tetra Pak carton separately. Make the shift from disposable products to products that can be used again and again. We also offer many products that are refillable. Furthermore, you can avoid plastic in your shower routine by using solid soaps and shampoos. Tip: STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME also has a cleansing bar for your face. In this way, we can work together towards a cleaner ocean.

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