To go with the change in seasons, we are giving you advice and discounts on late summer skincare and haircare

Heat, sun, sea and the pool are often components of a perfect summer. Even though this season can be so much fun, it can also be stressful for our skin and our hair, so we should not neglect to give them the right care. We can help you with your after summer care and show you what you should look out for with haircare and skincare once the summer is over. To help your wallet to recover from the dry summer months as well as your skin, there is a 20% discount on our haircare and skincare range. You don’t need a discount code. Just get browsing straight away or let us inspire you with our tips on after summer care.

Our haircare tips


The hair consists of several layers. The outermost hair layer protects the hair from environmental influences such as light or heat. This layer, however, can get damaged in summer, with the hair becoming brittle, dry and dull. Plus, our hair structure becomes less resilient as we get older. It is therefore important that we provide our hair with the right care after the stresses of summer. Moisturising haircare products like shampoos and hair masks provide the hair with the moisture it needs, and make it shiny and smooth.


Wella Nutri-Enrich

The Deep Nourishing Conditioner by Wella is one of our favourites for supplying the hair with lots of valuable moisture instantly. The conditioner intensively nourishes dry and stressed hair, giving it shine and vitality at the same time. The innovative Nutri-Enrich complex of active ingredients smooths the hair and protects it from further damage thanks to the high Vitamin E content.
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Hair oil is a true saviour after summer and helps to restore shine and natural bounce to your hair.

Our tip: For super nourishing haircare, use the hair oil as a leave-in treatment and leave it on all day to work into the hair. This will tame even dry and unruly strands. But you don’t want your hair to look greasy, so with this method you should take care not to use too much of your product


Our hair oil favourites

Parfumdreams skincare and haircare favourites


The summer is drawing to a close and our skin is so glad. Hours of sunbathing, sunburn, UV rays, chlorine, sweat and oils leave traces on our skin and become a stress test. Extensive care is therefore essential for sun-damaged skin. The moisture content is decisive for the quality of the topmost skin layer. You should therefore build a moisturising face cream into your skincare routine. Effective moisturisers that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, for example, can also strengthen the resilience of your skin.

As an expert tip, we recommend you use moisturising face masks several times a week after your holiday. You can even leave them on overnight to work into the skin. This is soothing for the skin, delivers intensive hydration and alleviates the feeling of tightness and redness in no time at all.


Drunk Elephant: Wonderwild Miracle Butter

Wonderwild Miracle Butter by Drunk Elephant is an intensively moisturising skincare product that instantly nourishes and regenerates dry, cracked, irritated and damaged skin. The cream balm supports the natural self-healing powers of the skin. Just a small amount of the moisturising cream achieves a big effect on dry areas of skin on the face or body.
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