International Kissing Day at parfumdreams

Our top tips for the most kissable lips

Kissing makes us happy! Whether it’s a real kiss, a virtual kiss, an air kiss or a kiss on the hand, the kiss is an expression of love and friendship in lots of cultures. What’s more, the most beautiful pastime in the world releases happiness hormones. So, get ready to shower your loved ones in kisses. Absolutely crucial: velvety lips and long-lasting lipstick. We’ve picked out a selection of our favourite products for an irresistible mouth. Plus we’ve got the top expert tips for the perfect lips.

Must-haves for the most kissable lips

To make your lipstick last longer, there are three essentials you need to have: concealer, lip liner and highlighter.


Concealer creates the ideal base for your lipstick. It gives your lipstick more staying power and makes sure it doesn’t build up at the corners of your mouth. It also makes the lipstick colour more vibrant and gives your lips a fuller look. Using a brush, apply the concealer to the centre of your lips and then blend it in.


Our must-haves for a captivating pout


Trace the outer edge of your lips with the lip liner. To make your lips look fuller, you can draw slightly outside your natural lip line. It’s really important that you don't overdo it and that the colour matches your lipstick. The lip liner prevents the lipstick from bleeding or smudging and makes it last longer.


Our favourites for Kissing Day


Highlighter helps to make thinner lips look fuller. Darken the middle zone above your Cupid’s bow, then accentuate the lighter parts of your lips with the highlighter. This trick instantly adds volume. To enhance the effect, apply concealer under the highlighter.


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