A kiss is worth a thousand words

A kiss, some bliss and happy lips – on 6 July, we’re celebrating International Kissing Day. In many cultures, the kiss symbolises love and affection. It also releases happy hormones and sets off fireworks in our heads! To make those kisses even more irresistible, we’ve put together a few of our favourite products for you. You can also check out our fragrance recommendations and awesome items for sun-kissed skin. After all, a perfect kiss is great, but feeling good in your own skin is even better. Discover our recommendations to keep you feeling radiant and cared for.

Date night make-up recommendations


Experience incredible kisses enhanced by captivating and beguiling fragrances.

A perfume can create a special atmosphere and arouse emotions. Our fragrance recommendations will help you choose the scent that expresses your passion. Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme by Hugo Boss exudes strength and elegance, while Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs is enchantingly playful and romantic. To create a sensual mood, we suggest Roses de Chloé. The delicate blend of rose petals is perfect for that unforgettable kiss.


Our highlight for sun-kissed skin

Lancaster is renowned for its high-quality sun care products that protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun while promoting a healthy, radiant tan. That way, you can enjoy the sunshine on your next outdoor date and just focus on the romance.
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