parfumdreams presents: We’re celebrating the month of Gemini

In the period from 21 May to 21 June, we want to celebrate the sign of Gemini together with you! Its element is air and its ruling planet is Mercury. Geminis always like to stay up-to-date. For that reason, we’ve got a great selection of new arrivals and we've put together our all-time favourites for you!


Gemini character traits:

Geminis have excellent communication skills and a great sense of humour

They hate being bored, which is why things are always action-packed with this star sign

Geminis are truly talented at multi-tasking

They’re open to new things and the unknown

Two personalities in one: sometimes Geminis don’t even know themselves what they will do in the next moment

It's a match!

Gemini – woman

The Gemini woman is a vibrant, energetic soul. There always has to be something going on around her and she really values her interactions with others. The Gemini woman is a true queen of communication and the life and soul of every party. But don’t pick a fight with her! Because she always has a few clever comebacks to hand. The Gemini woman always keeps her eyes on the prize and knows exactly what she wants out of life.

Gemini – man

The Gemini man is always full of surprises – he is very spontaneous and sometimes doesn’t know what he will do from one moment to the next. Routine is hard for him and he always needs variety. He is fascinated by the new and unknown, and always enjoys overcoming new challenges in life. He uses this to his advantage in his career – Geminis make excellent project managers as they don’t shy away from a challenge.