Our favourites for Sagittarians

parfumdreams presents: We are celebrating the month of Sagittarius

People who were born in the month of Sagittarius are usually extremely active, honest and optimistic in nature. They are freedom-loving dreamers with a wealth of ideas; however, they often lack the drive to implement them. Their element is fire, which is also a perfect analogy for their burning desire to develop new visions. From 23.11.2022 to 20.12.2022, we will celebrate this fun-loving star sign and offer the perfect selection of products for all Sagittarians to inspire and enchant them.


Character traits of Sagittarians:


· Able to see the positive in everything

· Frank and self-confident, which makes some situations in life easier

· Always speak the truth, even if it is hard to hear

· Interested in philosophy, wisdom and esotericism – everything that allows their minds to roam free

· Have no desire to be constrained in interpersonal relationships or in their profession,

Sagittarian women

Sagittarian women radiate self-confidence and positivity, which makes them extremely attractive to men. Their independence and positive aura also tend to stave off arguments as they rarely get jealous. The downside of this is that they don’t like to be told what to do by anyone, as they always know exactly what they want and also pursue these goals.

Sagittarian men

Sagittarian men are true adventurers, which enables them to benefit from their numerous experiences and interesting stories. However, this also makes it particularly difficult for them to tie themselves down to a particular person, place or profession. They need variety and freedom, and are only prepared to share them with the love of their life.