Interlude Woman Women's fragrances by Amouage

Interlude Woman by Amouage - a luxurious, variable women’s perfume with the irresistible charm of exclusivity. Amouage breathes the fragrance of the Orient and combines tangy fresh fragrances into a seductive fragrance ensemble. The very name itself forms a perfect symbiosis of the Arabian and Western world. Women’s perfumes that live up to their names. A wave of emotions, full of freshness, passion and sensuousness. The composition of different fragrances is what lends this noble perfume its unmistakable, turbulent and yet still cool elegance.With Interlude Woman, Amouage presents a fragrance full of femininity and charm. A seductive interplay, an animated cornucopia of aromas and spices. The variety of the ingredients seems to literally explode: Bergamot and grapefruit, ginger and orange blossom, jasmine and incense, honey and sandalwood. Every nuance unfurls by way of correspondence to another. A fragrance that encompasses and appeals to all the senses. The fresh, light fragrance of the top note entangles itself in a creamy warm fragrance body. A tangy touch of lemon revives the senses, the pleasantly bitter fragrance of mocca entangles itself in the soft fragrance of roses coming into bloom. Unusual, generous, sensuous. Interlude Woman.