Fragrances of Amouage

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Amouage Fragrances

Luxury, sensuousness and elegance - terms that describe the most expensive perfume in the world. Amouage is a luxurious perfume house founded 25 years ago in the Sultanate of Oman, in order to reintroduce the valuable legacy of Arabian perfume manufacture to the region of its origins. They are unique fragrances with a scent of seduction and subtlety that touch the senses and the soul in equal measure. Now available in over 30 countries worldwide, the House of Amouage satisfies the demands of an international clientele. Amouage offers the modern world the most luxurious Arabian perfume tradition whose opulent olfactory beauty transcends time and space. The name Amouage was selected with great care. Although "Amouage" sounds French, it is a purely conceptual term composed of the Arabian expression "amwaj" on the one hand, which more or less means the wave, and, on the other hand, of the French word for love "amour". Thus, broadly speaking, Amouage means "the waves of emotion". The unique name perfectly reflects the spirit of the fragrances, their elegance, their glamour and their emotion.
Did you know?
Amouage was founded more than 25 years ago. At that time, a dry spell in Arabian perfume was gaining impetus. In light of the rich tradition and culture, this was taken as an opportunity to establish a premium-quality perfume house that would once more actively use ingredients such as frankincense and oud to create different fragrances. In Amouage Gold, founder Sayyid Hamand created the first fragrance by the newly founded perfume house, which instantly became an international success and was celebrated by critics and the world’s press. Amouage Gold was also able to achieve first-rate commercial success, with further fragrances being added to the range in the meantime.

Luxury fragrances with oriental influences

Amouage endeavours to capture the unique character of Arabian lands and the Orient in its fragrances, which are then sold worldwide in premium-quality, luxuriously decorated bottles. The fragrances are mainly made from Arabian ingredients, which give the perfume a unique, aromatic character and exude mysticism. The fragrances set new standards of quality, innovation, and authenticity, which is why they quickly gained an international following. Amouage produces fragrances for men and women; at the same time, other products and scented candles are also sold under the brand name. However, perfume continues to be the company’s core product.

Precious, extraordinary, and luxurious

Besides Amouage Gold, there is another creation that is able to report resounding success: Amouage Reflection. Amouage Reflection is as international as similar creations, has a spicy note, and also uses Arabian ingredients. The fragrances are designed so that their scent changes slightly over longer periods of time, which continually ensures new surprises on the skin.