Reflection Woman Women's fragrances by Amouage

Women’s fragrances such as Reflection Woman are impressive due to their diversified character. The Amouage perfume is based on essences of leaf green, fresia and marsh water violet. Ylang ylang, jasmine and magnolia create a diversified character, which lends the fragrance an interesting overall note. Cedar wood, sandalwood, musk and amber create a feminine composition, which attests to the style and elegance of its wearer.

A fragrance that beguiles the senses

Reflection Woman is a fragrance reminiscent of the morning dew in spring. A splendid fragrance, characterised by immense opulence and richness, unfolds a few seconds after application. Exotic woods and delicate musk notes lend the fragrance a magical aura. As with all Amouage women’s fragrances, this fragrance composition is also impressive, due to a shining and pure radiance that captivates and inspires.