Taking care of our bodies is an important part of any daily care routine. We all know we should do more, especially in autumn. This is the time of year when our skin starts to recover from the demanding summer months. Meanwhile, the temperature differences and dry air make our skin feel rough and tight. What your skin really needs is a care routine that’s tailored to the season, and we’re going to tell you exactly how to do it.

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What do you need to consider for body care in autumn?


First of all, you need to make body scrubs and nourishing body lotions a more regular part of your care routine. Gently cleansing with your favourite scrub removes dead skin cells, for instance, which allows the nourishing ingredients in your body lotion to be absorbed more easily.


When it starts getting cooler outside, we often look forward to taking a warm bath. But – bathing too often and for too long actually damages the skin’s natural protective film. As a result, our skin dries out even more. So it’s a good idea to use bath additives or bath oils that contain light moisturising ingredients such as argan oil. For those who prefer to shower, invest in a nourishing shower oil instead.
parfumdreams tip: Instead of having a hot soak, try alternating hot and cold baths. This will stimulate your blood circulation and strengthen your immune system.

Don’t forget your hands and feet


The skin on the hands, feet and joints often gets forgotten in autumn and we only notice it when it becomes really dry and rough. Yet these areas of skin need extra special care in autumn and winter.
parfumdreams tip: It’s best to use two different types of hand cream – one that’s quickly absorbed and is not too oily for during the day and a very rich hand mask at night.