With colourful leaves, pumpkins and long walks bathed in golden light, autumn is one of our favourite seasons. These magical months make us want to dial things down a notch. It also offers lots of opportunities to make our homes feel really comfy and cosy.

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Time to get cosy

Yankee Candle Crisp Campfire Apples

Autumn and candles simply belong together – in all shapes and sizes. Their light gives any room a warm and welcoming atmosphere. One absolute parfumdreams favourite is the autumn scented candle called Crisp Campfire Apples from Yankee Candle. It brings back memories of colourful autumn leaves and freshly picked apples cooking over the campfire.

WoodWick Café Sweets

To make your home really cosy and relaxing, here’s an insider’s tip for our candle fans. The candles from WoodWick have natural wooden wicks that emit the sound of a crackling fire as they burn. It’s those fireside vibes that make these candles one of our absolute must-haves when we want to snuggle up. The Café Sweets candle conjures up a wonderful aroma within your own four walls, as if you’re sitting in your favourite café, and comes in autumn colours that make it beautiful to look at as well.