Eyes Make-up by BABOR

Eyes full of expression, long lashes, perfectly formed brows – what woman doesn’t wish for all that? The eyes are not called the “mirror to the soul” for nothing. And no man can resist a seductive glance. For this reason, BABOR has developed a high-quality and luxurious eye make-up that will impress with its colour intensity, staying power and nourishing ingredients. For long and luscious eyelashes, BABOR presents a mascara that guarantees extra thick and perfectly separated lashes. Ultra Size Mascara Volume & Definition nourishes the lashes with collagen, hyaluronic acid and plant waxes. Super Style Mascara Volume & Length is ideal for extreme lash length. Eye-shadow is of course also part of the perfect eye make-up. Here, Gabor focuses on full-on glamour, both in the Super Soft Eyeshadow Duo and their Metallic Eyeshadow. With the smoothing and fixing eyeshadow base, the staying power of your eyeshadow will increase dramatically.

Look me in the eyes

The Maxi Definition Eye Contour Pencil is always ideal for when you want to blend it gently or want that dramatic smokey eyes look. You can blend the products effortlessly using the little application sponge. Thanks to the natural ingredients, the pencil is also suitable for women with sensitive eyes or contact-lens wearers. If you wantbeautifully formed, expressive eyebrows, you’ll love the waterproof Maxi Definition Eye Brow Pencil with its practical brush that will tame even the most unruly of hairs. Treat your eyes to something very special – with BABOR’s eye make-up range, every glance will be unforgettable.