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Slugging – the treatment for a radiant glow

It is inexpensive, easy to use and gives your skin a radiant, beautiful glow practically overnight: Slugging is a new beauty trend that comes to us directly from Korean beauty care. It utilises a long-forgotten product that leads a hidden existence in many households – Vaseline. Find out exactly what slugging is and how easy it is to implement here.

11 June 2024 • 3 min. reading time

What is slugging skin?

Slugging is the generous application of Vaseline to your facial skin. The creamy, slightly slimy consistency of the product gives it its name, because it is slimy like a slug. It may sound strange at first, but it makes your cheeks soft and supple and gives your skin a natural glow.

In Korea, Vaseline has long been an integral part of the daily beauty routine. This is also the origin of slugging, which has since spread widely via social media platforms such as TikTok. Even our grandparents knew about the skincare benefits of Vaseline. But slugging goes beyond simple moisturising.

The great advantage of slugging is that all the active ingredients in your skincare routine are sealed with a greasy layer of Vaseline (or a similar product). This protects your skin from external influences and allows it to optimally metabolise the previously applied actives. On TikTok, many people enthusiastically share their before and after pictures to show the positive effects of slugging.

The benefits of slugging – how your skin benefits from Vaseline

Dermatologists also see many benefits for your skin using Vaseline slugging:

  • The amount of moisture you lose at night can be reduced.
  • All nutrients can unfold their full effect.
  • Feelings of tightness caused by cold and dry heating air can be alleviated.
  • Dry areas of skin are optimally moisturised.
  • The skin barrier can become more resistant.
  • The skin becomes more supple overall.
  • You wake up in the morning with a silky glow on your cheeks.

All these positive effects of slugging help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The beauty trend is also very inexpensive. This is because you simply use the Vaseline in addition to your normal skincare products.

The disadvantages of slugging

Many people ask themselves: Can you put Vaseline on your face like that? The answer is: Yes and no. Although the trend is considered uncomplicated and easy to do, slugging with Vaseline or similar products is not ideal for every skin type. Is your skin prone to increased sebum production and pimples? Then you should probably give this trend a miss. This is because the greasy sealant used in slugging prevents the sebum produced from escaping. This can clog pores, leading to blemishes. It’s best to approach slugging gradually when trying it for the first time:

  • Start slowly: Only seal a small area of skin the first time, e.g. on the forehead or chin. Then you will immediately be able to see how well your skin tolerates slugging.
  • Discover suitable products: Vaseline not your thing? Try other greasy substances such as Bag Balm or vegetable oils.
  • Slug only individual areas: If you have combination skin, there is nothing to stop you applying Vaseline to dry areas only.

Is your skin still showing its rebellious side? If so, you should avoid slugging for the sake of your skin. Instead, use intensive treatments such as moisturising masks with aloe vera or glycerine and simply skip the final sealing step.

Slugging guide – step by step

Slugging is very easy to incorporate into your skincare routine as it is simply an addition to the skincare you already use. Here’s how to implement the slugging trend in your own bathroom:

  • Step 1 – Cleanse: Makeup, dirt and dust must be thoroughly removed so that your skin cells are receptive to actives. Use a foam, gel or mousse of your choice. Follow this with a nourishing facial toner to restore the skin’s pH value.
  • Step 2 – Serum: To ensure that your skin is optimally nourished overnight, this step provides it with concentrated moisture and actives. Want more nutrients? Repeat this step after the first product has been fully absorbed.
  • Step 3 – a rich night cream: Try anti-ageing products with ceramides, Q10, peptides or retinol here. Feel free to go for quite a rich moisturiser, as you are about to go into beauty sleep anyway.
  • Step 4 – Slugging: Now apply the final layer of Vaseline generously. If you like, you can even apply it to your lips and eye area.

Daily slugging is not necessary: Adapt your skincare regime to your needs and the season. For example, skin tends to be drier in winter when it’s cold and the air is dry. It will be particularly grateful if you go to bed with a protective layer of Vaseline. In summer, on the other hand, the skin is more hydrated due to the climate. It is also rather uncomfortable to sleep with a thick layer of Vaseline on your face on a hot summer night.

What you should keep in mind with slugging

Even if Vaseline feels very slimy: it does not hydrate your skin. That’s why you should always use a moisturising component underneath it. Your serum or at the latest your night cream should contain hyaluronic acid, algae extracts, panthenol or glycerine.

But watch out: When you sleep, the greasy slugging layer will inevitably transfer to your bed linen and perhaps also your nightwear. Avoid using delicate fabrics or place a towel underneath to prevent unpleasant surprises. Do you have long hair? On an evening when you will be slugging, tie it up so it doesn’t stick uncomfortably to your cheeks.


How often should I be slugging? When it comes to slugging, less is more. It’s completely sufficient to treat yourself to this occlusive treatment once or twice a week to start with. In winter, it can be a little more often due to the biting cold and dry heating air. Always pay attention to how your skin reacts. Do red spots appear, or maybe even pimples? Then it would be better to avoid slugging for a few days.
I don’t like the feel of Vaseline – what alternatives are there for slugging skin? Looking for a natural alternative? Go for beeswax or pure shea butter. It is important to choose a product with a high fat content so that the occlusive effect is maintained.
How does slugging prevent moisture loss at night? The skin is particularly susceptible to dehydration during the cold season. The reason: If you sleep in a heated room, it literally draws the moisture out of your skin cells. The greasy layer of Vaseline in slugging prevents this effect like a protective shield. This is why Vaseline is also referred to as occlusive care for dry skin on the face.


Slugging is here to stay. The treatment is easy to use and can be integrated into your skincare routine at a reasonable price. As long as your skin type doesn’t react problematically, nothing stands in the way of regular slugging with Vaseline or alternatives such as Bag Balm, coconut oil or similar. Say goodbye to dry and irritated areas and say hello to supple, soft skin and experience the benefits of this beauty trend in your bathroom.

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