Christmas sets Skin care by Declaré

At Christmas one wants to surprise one’s loved ones with something rather special. How better to do this than with a quality skincare Christmas gift sets from Declaré? Impossible - because these skin-regenerating cosmetic gift sets were specially developed by the Swiss skincare experts to address the colder months of the year and its effects on the skin. Perfectly put together with the utmost diligence, you will be able to pleasantly surprise your loved ones with a gift that is sure to see them through the winter with the ultimate in skincare (and the rest of the year as well). The skincare from Declaré developed in Switzerland is regarded as exceptionally effective and mild on the skin.

The perfect companion for sensitive skin

This cosmetic range is highly popular with people with sensitive skin. Declaré subjects all its products to the most stringent tests prior to their market launch, addresses the needs of the different skin typesand develops special solutions based on scientific findings. As a result of this the desired care effect can start working in the most gentle manner and rapidly starts showing positive results without any further skin irritation. The gift sets are ideal for Christmas, as their beautiful packaging connotes luxury and harmony.