Christmas make-up – from classic to extravagant

Every year, December plays host to a number of festive occasions... the Christmas party with colleagues, mulled wine with friends and Christmas dinner with the family. For beauty buffs, it’s the perfect time to create some new Christmas make-up looks. We’ve got three festive looks that will make you the star of any party.


Christmas make-up basics

Naturally, you want your make-up to last the whole evening – whether you’re drinking, dancing or smooching. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips to keep everything in place. Using a face primer will refine your pores and absorb sebum. This will prevent any unwanted shine. To help your make-up last longer, apply powder to your T-zone and the areas where you’ve applied concealer. Setting spray adds the perfect finishing touch for a long-lasting look. This sets your make-up in place and makes it last. Eyeshadow primer ensures that your eye make-up stays where it should. This way, nothing will slip, smudge or settle in the crease of your eyelid, and even your eyeliner will withstand a whole night of dancing. Lipsticks with extra long-lasting wear usually have a matte texture. A liquid lipstick that dries matte, for example, will last through an entire Christmas meal without budging. If you prefer a glossy finish, be sure to keep your lippy close at hand for touch-ups.


The classic Christmas look

Red lips, rosy cheeks and seductive eyes – that’s the all-time classic Christmas make-up look. Minimalist and expressive, it works well with any party outfit. Start with your foundation of choice. For a natural result, choose a satin-matte or dewy finish. Use powder to set your make-up in place for a long evening out. Choose a blusher that matches your lipstick. If your red lipstick has a cool undertone, your blusher should be cool too. For orange-tinged reds, go for a blusher with a warm undertone.
We’re keeping the eye make-up understated here, with the focus on the lips. Use a neutral eyeshadow across your entire eyelid – just apply it with your fingers. Finish with your favourite mascara to accentuate your lashes. If you like, you can make your eyes look even bigger with subtle false lashes. Et voilà. Your classic yet easy make-up for Christmas is complete.

Warm colours for the cold season

This look seems simple at first glance, but a closer look reveals a very special colour palette. To start with, apply a metallic grey eyeshadow across your lower lid. As opposites attract, blend it with a warm terracotta. Blend the eye shadow above the crease line and apply it along your lower lashes as well. Using a brown kohl liner, draw a fine contour along your upper lash line. This will make your eyelashes look thicker. For the perfect finishing touch, it’s time to give your lips some love. Apply lip liner in a warm nude tone and top it off with a matching lip gloss.

Christmas make-up with a pop of colour

If your outfit is sleek and simple, this is a great look for you. Bronzed skin and coloured eyeshadow will give your Christmas party a hint of summer. For this look, it’s best to start with your eye make-up, as the coloured eyeshadow could crumble a little. Once you’ve applied your eyeshadow base, add an icy white to your lower lid. Now comes the highlight. Blend turquoise eyeshadow into the crease line of your eyelid. Sweep the eyeshadow out a little further to create the base for the next step. Now outline your lower lashes with a turquoise or petrol-coloured kohl pencil. Draw a winged line along your upper lash line. Once you’ve finished doing your eyes, you can create your base. Use foundation, concealer and powder for a smooth, even complexion. Add bronzer for a radiant glow that complements your colourful eyes. The best way to finish off this Christmas look is with a nude-coloured lipstick.


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