Guy Laroche Parfum

The French perfumery Guy Laroche represents the French tradition of mixing sophisticated fragrances and essences from nature to create extraordinary perfumes. In 1957, the Maison Guy Laroche was founded by the fashion designer with the same name, who was able to strongly influence European fashion in the post-war era. The interest in striking fashion at the time was as great as in a sophisticated and luxurious perfume, which could still be purchased at a reasonable price. Fragrances from the Maison follow this concept until today, as is shown by our impressive online shop.

Apply real French perfume with Guy Laroche

The French brand has made a name for itself over the last century for both genders and offers specially coordinated masculine and feminine essences. The Fidji collection, for example, is suitable for women with a preference for a light and zesty note, while men benefit from the bitter and spicy character of the Drakkar Noir product series. Both are available in our online assortment as renowned fragrances for all customers, who do not want to spend a high sum of money for a high-quality perfume.