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IsaDora: Premium cosmetics from Sweden

Founded 40 years ago in Malmö, Sweden, the cosmetics brand IsaDora offers women the opportunity to accentuate their natural beauty and express their individuality in the process. Right from the start, the high-quality products for face, lips, eyes and nails have been fragrance-free and clinically tested. They fulfil the highest standards in the beauty sector, are suitable for sensitive skin and are manufactured without being tested on animals.

Fragrance-free cosmetics for every skin type by IsaDora

When IsaDora was founded in 1983, the main concept was that high-quality cosmetics should not be a luxury reserved for the few. In the 80s, it was scarcely possible to find unperfumed cosmetic products, let alone a wide variety of colours. Therefore, the brand decided to develop clinically-tested, fragrance-free premium cosmetics. The focus was on easily accessible IsaDora products that were easy to use and, thanks to their modest price, were affordable for everyone.

That principle still stands firm today. Health and safety take highest priority in the development of IsaDora cosmetics. Each product goes through strict clinical tests for efficacy and tolerability. With regard to ingredients, the brand has especially high demands. As IsaDora products do not contain any fragrances, they also can’t hide anything. They do not contain unnecessary additives, are especially well-tolerated and are also suitable for sensitive skin types.

At IsaDora cosmetics the brand pays special attention to the eye area. The products undergo clinical tests, whereby ophthalmologists ensure that they are equally suitable for sensitive eyes as well as for wearers of spectacles and contact lenses. Where possible, the manufacturer substitutes animal ingredients with plant or synthetic alternatives. New make-up products are regularly added to the vegan-friendly product line. Although they are free of animal derivatives, their effective, high-quality and colourful formulas are in no way inferior to conventional cosmetics.

IsaDora products: Make-up for everyone

With the high-quality make-up by IsaDora, you can create numerous modern looks that skilfully highlight your personality. Along with reliable basics, you can choose from regularly changing themed collections in new colours. These work for every occasion, whether you want an understated style for work or an exciting power look for going out. At parfumdreams, you can get make-up for the following:

  • Isadora complexion: To help your skin look its best, use a primer to give it a moisture boost while covering up typical signs of tiredness. Used as a foundation, it makes your complexion look even. Along with long-lasting, mattifying and natural-looking foundations, at parfumdreams you can order concealer you can use to cover minor imperfections like spots, dark circles and redness. To emphasise your natural beauty, use the Blush Trio 3-in-1 palette by IsaDora. The powder make-up set can be used as bronzer, blusher or highlighter. Used individually or layered, the contouring products give you a radiant finish with a silky glow.
  • Isadora eye make-up: For your perfect eye make-up, choose from individual eyeshadow shades, colourful eyeshadow palettes and smudge-proof eyeliners. In addition, there are eyebrow pencils to emphasise the natural shape of your brows as well as mascaras that give the fine lashes curl, volume and definition. Thanks to ophthalmological tests, all IsaDora products are extremely well-tolerated and guarantee excellent eye care.
  • Isadora lip make-up: The lipcare products by IsaDora unite extraordinary skincare with breathtaking colours. The brand offers lip glosses and lipsticks with a matte or glossy finish that pamper the lips with nourishing ingredients.
  • Isadora nail polish: With a selection of over 40 nail polishes, you’re sure to find the right one for you. The best thing about them? They are based on innovative formulas with highly active ingredients that nourish the nails. The extra-wide brush makes the polish easier to apply.

For the perfect colour application, at parfumdreams you will find appropriate tools, including mini sponges you can use to apply foundation evenly. Isadora brushes are suitable for applying blusher precisely. With an eyeshadow brush, you can accentuate your eyes and make your eye colour pop. Brow and eyelash combs shape the fine hairs and lashes, and remove little clumps after applying the mascara.