Agua de Loewe Unisex fragrances by LOEWE

This Loewe is desired by all

With Agua de Loewe the traditional Spanish brand, which has been a purveyor to the Spanish court for over 100 years, has created a unisex scent which is universally loved. The scents from the Agua range are remarkable for their strong link to water. They are fresh and tingly, reminiscent of walks along the beach, waterfalls in the mountains or a creek in spring. Agua de Loewe is no exception. Against the tradition of strictly separating scents for men and women, this unisex scent by Loewe was created in 2000.In the top notes, the fresh scent captivates with yuzu, bergamot and mandarin as well as delicate rosewood. The heart surprises with white pepper, mate and tea. And in the base, quite differently from usual, Loewe allows white musk, sandalwood and atlas cedar as well as ambergris to speak. The unisex scent is wonderfully uncomplicated, accompanying men and women all day long like a best friend, always there but not overpowering, subtle but still present. No wonder everyone wants Agua de Loewe.