10 Roam The Black Line by Odin New York

10 Roam is the tenth in a line of eleven creations from the house of Odin New York influenced just as much by the Greek god as they are by cosmopolitans, adventurers and aesthetes. The fragrance is supplied in a rectangular flaçon with a simple design, which in addition to the large embossed “10” is very dark in colour. As customary for the series, the cap comes in simple black. The fragrance was designed by perfumer Jean Claude Deville, who has already managed to gain an international reputation. The unisex fragrances from Odin New York are, as the name suggests, equally suitable for women and men. In the creation 10 Roam, the perfumer wanted to combine the unique facets of the rainforest with the savannah to create a truly unique perfume. Without giving too much away about the scent, however, one thing is clear: he’s managed to do this in an impressive way.

Unisex fragrances with an incomparable aroma and the feeling of adventure

To perfectly combine the savannah and rainforest, perfumer Deville uses scents of pepper and saffron in the top note. This creates a spicy opening in no time at all, until the scent merges into the heart note of aromatic coffee and a breeze of ginger. Here, too, spicy ingredients are the focus of attention, with the aroma of coffee also emitting a subtly sweet nuance. Scents of sweet coconut, harmonised with incense and ebony, provide the finishing note to 10 Roam. Together, these create a richly contrasting perfume from Odin New York which is suitable for all purposes and is as luxurious as it is adventurous. The unisex fragrances are the perfect choice for any occasion and any time of year. The wonderful perfume is like a complete and perfect picture which sends its public on a unique journey of discovery around the world – magnificent aromas included!