Tommy Girl Women's fragrances by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a world-famous label, which became famous thanks to its unusual creations and stylish masterpieces. These qualities are reflected in the women’s fragrance Tommy Girl. The perfume possesses a floral and fresh character, which radiates energy and freshness. The wearer is engulfed in a sensual and feminine aura, which is attractive and is responsible for successful entrances.

A fragrance, which conquers the world

The secret behind Tommy Girl lies in its fragrant essences. Delicate apple blossoms, camellias, redcurrant blossoms and green mint form the basis of the fragrance. Violets, jasmine, Dakota lily and Cherokee rose round off the fragrance composition. The various ingredients unite to form a beguiling fragrance, which calms the soul and ensures a high sense of well-being.