A guide to soothing and regenerating your skin

Our skin suffers a lot over the summer months – sunbathing, sunburn, UV radiation, chlorine, sweat and air-conditioned air at the office all take their toll on the condition of your skin. So now is the perfect time to give your skin a break. Start rethinking your beauty routine and try out products to give your skin a fresh, natural look, to protect it, to free it from harmful substances and to actively support its self-generation.

Read on to find out which active ingredients your care products should contain and how you can give your skin back its flawless glow.

Beauty products for glowing skin


When it comes to your care routine, put the focus on products that give your skin the chance to soothe and regenerate. The secret here is in the cleansing. The first step for this is to find a suitable skin cleanser and massage it into your skin to free the pores from make-up residue and impurities. A good approach is to combine skin cleansers, for instance by starting with a cleanser and moving on to a mist nutrient and an anti-pollution product. You can apply a serum containing hyaluronic acid, a moisturiser and a radiance oil to the clean skin. To finish off, add a sun cream as a seal.


It’s not only your face that needs care


Hand washing and using disinfectants is very stressful for our hands. The skin on our hands is exposed to extreme conditions and needs special care. For this reason, it is essential to use a nourishing, rich hand cream that cleans and protects the skin.


Our neck and throat often go uncovered in the summer months, meaning they are also subject to a lot of stress and require intense care. It’s therefore important not to forget your daily care routine for these areas. We recommend that you use your face moisturiser for your neck as well.


Long, warm showers after a hard day at work are increasing in popularity. This warms the body up and makes the legs go a little red. Legs also suffer from wearing tight trousers or jeans and from shaving. By using a body lotion, you ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out and that it gets the necessary hydration.


Nutrition also plays a key role in restoring your skin’s perfect glow. With this recipe, you ensure that the goodness you feel inside will shine through on the outside. Green juices are a particularly effective secret tip. Countless celebrities swear by this green miracle food. Put the following ingredients into a juicer or mixer and then add a splash of water. The many active ingredients from the ingredients will bring your circulation back into harmony.

  • One stick of celery
  • One cucumber
  • One green apple
  • A piece of ginger (5–10 cm long)
  • A handful of spinach
  • One organic lemon