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Designer Mesh Applicator by Armani

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Description by Complexion Designer Mesh Applicator by Armani

Apply your make-up seamlessly and precisely with the elegant, deep blue Armani Designer Mesh Applicator. The innovative mesh cushion applicator is made of luxurious neoprene, which ensures that the sponge glides smoothly and evenly over the skin, creating a beautiful, even complexion. In addition, the make-up sponge comes with a strap that allows you to slide it onto your fingers for quick and easy use. Thanks to the special mesh fabric, the Mesh Applicator adapts perfectly to the curves and contours of the face, making even application and minor retouching child's play.

Control coverage with the Armani Designer Mesh Applicator

The mesh cushion applicator offers three different application techniques thanks to the fine-meshed net – gently tapping, rubbing and wiping. The choice of application technique allows you to control coverage as desired, because the applicator releases precisely the desired amount with each technique. For light coverage, gently tap the mesh cushion onto the skin. Medium coverage is achieved by rubbing the make-up applicator onto the skin. Maximum coverage and an especially even complexion can be achieved by gently wiping with the mesh cushion.

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