Lips Make-up by GUERLAIN

The luxury cosmetics label Guerlain began in 1828 as a family business. Since 1994, the company has belonged to the luxury group LVMH and, besides fragrances and skincare products, also sells high-quality make-up creations. Since the first powder creation in 1882, many products have achieved absolute cult status. All strive to achieve consistent luxury - innovative textures caress the skin and let it breathe. The exclusive product design and luscious, sensual colours have been seducing women for decades.

Master of seduction - the lip make-up from Guerlain

With the lip make-up from Guerlain, you can indulge your senses and highlight your femininity with an inimitable product. Silky, luscious textures make even applying it a pleasure. Thanks to the hydrating effect, the lips stay smooth and look fuller. Stylishly designed and with packaging designs created with great attention to details, like those of the Rouge G range, these are true works of art with practical features such as integrated mirrors.

Special products make your lip colour longer-lasting, smooth out fine lines, and provide moisture. Whether with gloss or mother-of-pearl highlights, luscious colour or an elegant shimmer - these lip products pamper their wearer, and cast her stylishly and seductively in the limelight.