Terracotta Make-up by GUERLAIN

Terracotta make-up from Guerlain creates an enchanting complexion

As one of the oldest perfumeries in the world, the house of Guerlain has been in existence since 1828. Until 1994, it was family-owned; it was then transferred to the LVMH Group, but still produces completely distinctive luxurious perfumes. The fragrances from this perfumery are famous for rich amber and vanilla notes. But the brand is not just restricted to fragrances; the traditional company also produces numerous skincare products and exquisite cosmetics.

The make-up does not just make an impression because of its gorgeous colours but also because of its special texture. The make-up is light, almost ethereal, so that you can hardly notice it. It isn’t heavy, and it gives the skin room to breath and a radiant complexion. Guerlain has also created a whole line under the Terracotta brand comprising powder, concealer, foundation, and, of course, products for skincare when sunbathing. Terracotta is not just light and plentiful; it also cares for your skin with valuable ingredients and protects it against the effects of weather.