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Rose in Wonderland
Eau de Parfum by Atkinsons

100 ml

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Description by Rose in Wonderland Eau de Parfum by Atkinsons

Atkinsons Rose in Wonderland Eau de Parfum has a hyperbolic, fundamental and by no means innocent effect, as one would expect of a soft rose garden at first glance. Yet, the perfume is not at all like a garden rose either. As the third new interpretation in The Contemporary Collection federation radiates its unique, secretive beauty, as awesomely fantastic blossom in the midst of a green, dangerous wilderness, that draws everyone under its spell. Disconcertingly beguiling at the overture is the fragrance of black currants that lends the touch of the deceptively innocent rose. The heart oscillates with soft accords of Provençal rose and nuances of wonderfully flowery geranium, surrounded by honey-sweet, slightly woody tobacco accords, immersed in the sensuous and secretive depth of vetiver.

Atkinsons disconcerting perfume - just as fascinating as it is hypnotic

Rose in Wonderland, Posh on the Green and Lavender on the Rocks are all part of The Contemporary Collection by Atkinsons - a new eccentric interpretation of archetypal fragrance ingredients, which were carving out a spectacular career in the English royal palace as early as in the 18th century. The Rose in Wonderland Perfume embodies a dizzying mixture of prickly thorns and gentle, completely innocent beauty. The radically modern eau de parfum is definitely impressive, but entices due to its deep chasm full of sensuous secrets. Alice in Wonderland would never have believed she was sniffling a rose, had she put her nose in Rose in Wonderland. The eau de parfum cloaks its wearer with a touch of an aggressively proud rose, full of self-confidence and character, whose secret chasms have an indescribably enticing effect. Courage and strength to those who dare to decipher them!

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