Cleansing milk

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Cleansing milk: Gentle cleansing of dirt and make-up

A mild cleansing milk is part of a basic skincare routine. The products have a creamy, milky texture. They are excellent for gentle facial cleansing. They reliably remove excess sebum and make-up in the morning and evening without irritating the sensitive skin surface. Their soothing ingredients care for the skin and protect it from drying out.

Cleansing milk for the face cleans and nourishes at the same time

A gentle cleansing milk is one of the most important basic products for cleansing and caring for the face. Traditional wash gel does indeed cleanse thoroughly thanks to the surfactants contained in it but it robs the skin of oils at the same time. Depending on the type of skin, the skin can react with irritation or dryness and feel tight.

Thanks to its mild formulation, the cleansing milk is especially suitable for dry, sensitive or mature skin. It contains numerous nourishing ingredients as well oil-replenishing and moisture-binding substances that help the skin to maintain its natural oily protective coat. They provide lasting protection against dehydration.

The products get their name from their creamy white texture, which is reminiscent of milk. They contain water and oils, which the manufacturers mix with emulsifiers. The emulsion lies like a gentle film on the skin and can be removed easily after a short time with water. A mild cleansing milk scarcely lathers in use. The skin feels comfortable and soft after rinsing.

Which mild cleansing milk is the best?

There is now a wide range of products available, which are suitable for different skin types. When choosing one, you should pay attention to your skin’s requirements to find the right cleanser and care for you.

Cleansing milk is especially suitable for flaky, dry and sensitive skin. But normal skin types can also benefit from the mild care and cleansing. Some of the products contain fine granules that gently massage the surface of the skin and have an exfoliant effect. By contrast, emulsions with antibacterial ingredients or sea salt clear impure skin.

Manufacturers opt for the use of synthetic as well as natural ingredients in the production of emulsions. As far as possible, many brands do without preservatives, perfume, silicones, alcohol and parabens, which can irritate sensitive skin. Modern facial cleansing products contain a large number of nourishing substances, for example:

  • Berry seed oil has an antioxidant effect, thus stopping free radicals that promote skin ageing.
  • Vitamin C refines the pores and creates an even complexion.
  • Hyaluronic acid provides moisture, makes the skin smooth and supports the regeneration of the outer skin layers.
  • Witch hazel calms the skin and shrinks pores.
  • Ginger refines the complexion, disinfects and protects from harmful environmental influences.
  • Aloe vera alleviates redness and blemishes.
  • Bisabolol soothes irritation, reduces inflammation and takes away the tight feeling from the skin.
  • Calendula has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect and calms the skin.

The facial cleansing milk should be part of your daily skincare routine. Used mornings and evenings, it reliably removes dirt, sweat, sebum and make-up. At the same time, you treat the skin to an extra dose of care.

The right way to use gentle cleansing milk

For the emulsion to develop its full effect, we recommend that you apply it in circular movements to damp skin and massage in gently. A hazelnut-sized amount of the cleansing milk, if sufficient to remove traces of make-up and dirt. Rinse off with warm water, cotton wool or a face flannel.

Due to the creamy consistency, the skin feels soft and smooth after cleansing with cleansing milk. Finally, we recommend a clarifying, alcohol-free toner, as well as a light day cream or night cream, to provide the skin surface with additional moisture.