Bond No. 9 - Signature - Eau de Parfum Spray Bond No. 9 - Signature - Eau de Parfum Spray

Eau de Parfum Spray by Bond No. 9

100 ml

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Description by Signature Eau de Parfum Spray by Bond No. 9

It is this unique contrast, this eclectic meeting of East and West, a melange of Dubai and New York, the opposition between ancient and modern, that captures the fascinating ambience of New York. This fragrance is so unbelievably seductive, so unbelievably erotic, a fragrance that Bond No. 9 first created as a pure perfume at a concentration of 30% (not the usual 20%). The fragrance is a creation that could only be conjured in the fabulous melting pot that is New York. This exquisite Bond No. 9 perfume has just four splendid and harmonic ingredients – fewer than any other Bond No. 9 fragrance. The Eastern world is embodied by precious balsamic oud. Rose provides the perfect counterbalance, the epitome of sophistication and cherished in both regions: the Middle East and the New World. Beguiling South American tonka beans intensify the erotic touch with their almond-caramel notes, a touch that is sensually accentuated by chords of musk and yet simultaneously emphasises the exquisite notes of oud. The word “oud” is derived from the Arabic “al-oud”, meaning “branch” or “wood”, and originates from the bark of the Aquilaria tree (also known as agarwood). This wood produces a particularly fragrant resin, whose powerful aroma calms and provokes simultaneously and has been used as a perfume in the Gulf region for thousands of years. In these countries, it is often placed on a par with gold. Today the fragrance exists in various forms, including jasmine oud and leather oud.

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