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Chopard women's fragrances pulsate with exclusivity and luxury: which should come as no surprise given the historical position of the Swiss company. Founded in Sonvilier in 1860, the headquarters of the luxury watch and jewellery manufacturer is now located in Geneva. The automatic watches, which stand out even among Swiss luxury watches due to their high price tag and exclusivity, are impressive proof of the skills within the company. It is therefore almost obvious that Chopard also wanted to venture into the world of women's fragrances - where a fine touch and sensitivity in the conception of fragrance creations are no less necessary than for luxury watches. The brand, which originally even supplied the Russian Tsar's court, now offers a manageable but all the more exclusive selection of fragrance creations - no two fragrances are alike.

Mysterious, multi-faceted and blessed with an unmistakable exclusivity

This is probably the best way to describe Chopard's women's fragrances. Each fragrance silhouette has been designed by renowned perfumers to envelop the stylish woman of today like an invisible veil - without ignoring tradition. The perfumers collect essences and extracts from around the globe, for example Japanese yuzu or acacia blossom, oriental incense or Asian white peach can also be found in the versatile fragrances. These guide the wearer note by note through a varied fragrance landscape that demonstrates an unmistakable sense of luxury and exclusivity. Of course, Chopard also incorporates the craftsmanship within its own company into its women's fragrances - as the exciting and artistic glass flacons prove.

Chopard perfume: Timelessly elegant fragrances with a touch of extravagance

The luxurious fragrances by Chopard are eye-catching on the dressing table thanks to the elaborately designed bottle in the shape of a gemstone. Timeless fragrance creations with extraordinary character that have what it takes to become a classic are concealed behind the exciting design. Many have been amongst the bestsellers at parfumdreams for years, including the Eau de Parfum “Cašmir”, which, with its lush bouquet of exotic white flowers, delicate mango, musk and velvety peach, whisks us away to the mysterious world of the Orient.

As precious as gemstones: Eau de Parfums by Chopard

Luxury and elegance have been inextricably bound up with the prestigious brand Chopard for over 160 years. It all began with the French craftsman Louis-Ulysse Chopard, who was an unusually gifted watchmaker. In 1860 he opened a small shop in the Swiss village of Sonvilier, in which he manufactured high-quality watches and jewellery. His reputation went before him, with his artworks even finding favour at the Court of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. With the founding of his company, he laid the foundation stone for the globally renowned watch and jewellery manufacturing business of today.

In the manufacture of his fine chronographs and jewellery, he displayed the highest degree of precision, quality, creativity and technical sophistication. Decades later, these qualities also characterise the first perfumes by Chopard. In 1963 the company became the property of the Pforzheim family jewellers Scheufele, who focused on expanding the product palette of the brand.

In 1986 the powdery soft fragrance “Happy Diamonds” came into existence with warm nuances of tuberose, carnation, amber and tonka bean. Inspired by an 18-carat gold diamond, it created an olfactory connection to the gemstones. Driven by the success of this combination, in 1991 another perfume came into existence, which enhanced the “Cašmir” jewel collection. The eponymous Eau de Toilette by Chopard transfers the artistic design of the elegant jewel into a special fragrance experience that whisks the wearer off into the magical world of the Occident. At parfumdreams you can buy the world-famous Chopard perfume at great prices. It is available in different sizes as well as in a gift set with a skin-pampering shower gel.

Exclusive Chopard perfume with seductive notes

Meanwhile numerous other fragrance creations have appeared on the scene, whereby the manufacturer always pays attention to the high quality of the products. They contain superior ingredients, which are carefully coordinated. The perfumes by Chopard are as precious and elegant as the jewels. They blow us away with sophisticated fragrance compositions, wrapped in unusual bottles. Packaged in an oversized diamond, the fragrance “Wish” has been one of the popular classics in the portfolio of the supplier since 1999, and is second to none.

The Eau de Toilette by Chopard exudes an indescribably sensual fragrance that embodies pure femininity. Here, delicate acacia blossoms and Japanese yuzu meet fruity sweet white peach. A touch of incense and caramel give the Chopard fragrance sensual accents, while tonka beans and vanilla round off the fragrance experience. Thanks to the great success of Wish by Chopard the brand enhanced its offering with various reinterpretations of the classic that give it a modern twist.

The newer creations exude pure lightness and joie de vivre. They blow us away with their natural sensuality and French aura. Mediterranean Chopard fragrances with citrus notes, green leaves, mysterious ginger and fresh apple extract awaken memories of a summer holiday. The feel-good perfumes are perfect companions in the warm season. Romantics go for a bouquet of pink grapefruit, fruity sweet raspberries, pink pepper, geranium and elegant damask rose, with an irresistible aura reminiscent of a fragrant garden.

Shop Chopard perfumes at great prices at parfumdreams

You will find a wide selection of fragrance classics and modern creations by Chopard in our online shop. Gift sets, which along with the perfume contain an elegant shower gel are popular. As an enhancement to this, you can pamper your skin with a delicately fragranced body lotion. Discover perfumes as elegant as a jewel.

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