Touch of Seduction Women's fragrances by Christina Aguilera

Touch of Seduction by Christina Aguilera is affordable luxury. It underlines the seductive, sensual side of the woman who wears this fragrance. A wonderful, unusual fragrance that radiances romance and passion. Christina Aguilera regards a perfume as being a woman’s most important tool for presenting herself as the woman she wants to be and so for celebrating her own femininity. The fragrance is presented in a graceful, rose-coloured bottle with a floral motif. Christina Aguilera herself loves and lives her fragrances with heart and soul. She always wears a perfume to give her look that certain something. Not only she but also the fragrances she has created have real star quality. There’s very good reason why her brand wins the most awards. She has been awarded, amongst other things, with the German fragrance prize in the lifestyle category and with the “Fragrance Stars” award. Christina Aguilera constantly reinvents herself with great confidence but never forgets who she really is. This gift also flows into her fragrances. Her image of feminine seduction and sensuality in her Touch of Seduction fragrance is completely and utterly successful.