Creed - Green Irish Tweed - Soap Creed - Green Irish Tweed - Soap
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Description by Green Irish Tweed Soap by Creed

The high-quality Green Irish Tweed hand soap has a pleasant spice and rounds the soap off with fresh, inimitable notes. As the name suggests, this unmistakeable men’s fragrance by Creed comes from Ireland, close to where the soap itself found a particularly prominent advocate: according to some credible accounts, the Duke of Windsor would only ever use Green Irish Tweed soap when washing. It’s no wonder for such a moisturising soap.

Pleasant freshness the traditional way

Just like the perfume, the soap from Creed has been on the market for centuries and is considered be a truly traditional product. The high degree of care and rehydrating effects of this 150g soap are characteristic of the high-quality ingredients at work in both the soap and the men’s fragrance. The pure fragrance of the perfume is rounded off in the soap with light woody notes, which represent the undisturbed Irish landscape.

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