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Creed perfume

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Creed fragrances: the exclusive fragrances of European royalty

More than 250 years of experience in the creation of exclusive fragrances characterise the magnificent perfumes from the house of Creed. You could call it royal – after all, the former bespoke tailors was one of the chief suppliers to the great royal houses throughout Europe for centuries. Even today, the Creedname is still synonymous with very personal fragrances that underline and emphasise the identity of their wearers without being intrusive.

The history of Creed: from tailor to perfumer

It all began when Englishman James Henry Creed established the bespoke tailoring business Creed in 1760. Legend has it that he first caught the attention of King George III by sending him perfumed leather gloves. He quickly advanced to become a much sought-after tailor to the British royal family and also catered to many other high-ranking aristocrats.

Initially, the Creed perfumes only played a minor role. But it wasn’t long before the fragrance creations of the British fragrance manufactory quickly gained popularity. The Creeds served their aristocratic customers with discretion and tact. In the mid-19th century, the Creed fragrance house moved to Paris, which was considered the perfume capital of Europe at the time.

The perfumers were able to shift the company’s focus more and more to the creation of unique fragrances as a result. And they have been supremely successful in doing so. Throughout the company’s more than 250 years of history, they have created more than 200 Creed eau de parfums, characterised by individual formulations and traditional craftsmanship, which have been preserved to this day.

Creed perfumes are traditionally handcrafted

Creed employs elaborate methods to distil the exclusive source materials. The perfumers in the idyllic French town of Fontainebleau create exquisite distillates from which they concoct their intense fragrance compositions. They use the Millésime process, for example, which actually comes from the world of wine. How the traditional method works:

  • The perfumers weigh all the ingredients by hand and blend them according to the family’s traditional recipes.
  • They macerate the preserved jus in laboratory tanks – still located in the stable building built by one of the former owners of the company.
  • What makes each Creed perfume so unique is the finishing touch. To ensure the perfumery’s renowned quality, the company owners maintain a tight grip on the reins every step of the way.

The process is both time-consuming and costly. Very few competitors undertake this kind of time and effort nowadays. This is precisely how the House of Creed perfumes have retained their exclusive character. The perfumers still consider craftsmanship and traditional artisanal skills hugely important to this day.

The vast world of Creed cologne and fragrances: for her, for him, for everyone

The exquisite fragrances of the French perfumery are aimed at both men and women. Created to celebrate the company’s 250th anniversary, the "Aventus" fragrance has what it takes to be a firm favourite. It can be a fresh, woody Creed cologne for men with an adventurous and masculine character or a floral Creed perfume for women that transports its wearer to a proverbial flower garden: The Aventus range delights all the senses.

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