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Sophisticated luxury fragrances by KILIAN Paris

KILIAN PARIS perfumes unite timeless luxury, surprising compositions and the ultimate sophistication. Kilian Hennessy, a descendent of the most famous French Cognac maker, launched his accoladed first collection of ten vibrant fragrances back in 2007. He celebrated the duality of life with the unique fragrance creations in his “L'Oeuvre Noire” collection, a concept that has continued to influence his many creations right up to the present day.

KILIAN perfumes: Sonorous fragrance compositions with a touch of luxury

There is an amazing story behind every olfactory work of art by Kilian Hennessy, which is what makes each KILIAN perfume so special. The fragrances are inspired by his experiences, his travels and his heritage. They are reminiscent of exotic flavours, delicious temptations and his many encounters with artists.

For Hennessy, a fragrance isn’t a seductive weapon, it’s a shield against the outside world. He adheres to the venerable 19th and 20th century traditions of perfume making like no other. At the same time, he gives his compositions a contemporary twist. As “Master of Scent”, he works in close collaboration with famous perfumers in the development of new KILIAN perfumes.

The KILIAN fragrances are famous for their long-lasting accords. They are similar to the exquisite French perfumes of past eras that were intended to give the wearer an air of luxury. Hennessy is a connoisseur when it comes to the presentation of his exquisite fragrance collection in exceptional, hand-made bottles. He prefers to use original and rare ingredients in his perfume compositions, resulting in unique bouquets that represent a perfect balance between unorthodox and conventional.

Shop for KILIAN perfumes: The Kilian Hennessy fragrance universe

KILIAN PARIS today has more than 34 unisex fragrances in five olfactory families. They are inspired by Hennessy's olfactory memories. Yet they also reflect his passion for a wild night life, elegance and extravagance. When you buy a KILIAN perfume you have a choice of five olfactory families:

  • The Liquors by Kilian: These fine fragrances pay homage to the perfumer’s family heritage. They have a similar gold colour to the famous Hennessy cognac. The perfumes come in strikingly beautiful bottles designed to look like cut-glass cognac goblets.
  • The Narcotics by Kilian: Orange blossom, tuberose, gardenia and rose give the KILIAN perfumes their enchanting and long-lasting fragrance.
  • The Cellars by Kilian: Woody fragrance compositions containing fine sandalwood and cedarwood, blended with accords of vetiver and patchouli. Nuances of rum, strong Turkish coffee, cognac and whisky allude to the Hennessy family heritage.
  • The Fresh by Kilian: The fresh fragrances combine tangy citrus fruits, aquatic notes and refreshing aldehydes.
  • The Smokes by Kilian: Refined with leafy-woody bakhoor, tobacco and myrrh, these fragrances boast a timeless bouquet that captures the aroma of tobacco products.

In recent years, the founder has also launched fragrant make-up and exclusive bodycare and luxury articles in addition to the eau de parfums. Yet KILIAN is also an environmental awareness pioneer. For more than 15 years his beautiful bottles have been refillable and recyclable.

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