Aroma Cleanse Body by Decléor

The Decléor Aroma Cleanse line offers everything that you need for all-over body care and cleansing. The high-quality cosmetic products target different, specific needs and are enriched with highly-effective active ingredients. Essential oils extracted from various plants provide for relaxation and well-being. At the same time, the metabolism is boosted and the functions of the body are stimulated. The products are suitable for use in the bath or in the shower.

Revitalising body care for shower and bath

The shower and bath gel Gel Douche et Bain Relaxant was specially developed for sensitive skin. Those with neurodermatitis, skin irritation or redness can rely on these products to specifically soothe their skin and to cleanse it in a gently way. The Gel Douche et Bain Tonique Alguaromes has an invigorating effect. It promotes blood circulation and leaves the skin with a silky sheen. The Crème Exfoliante Peau Neuve is highly recommended for intensive cleansing. The mild peeling cream removes excessive dead skin cells and supplies the skin with abundant moisture for a firmer, smoother skin feeling. The Gel Douche Exfoliant Douceur is also suitable for gentle cleansing of the skin. Refreshment and body care go hand in hand with this product. In addition, dead skin cells are removed effectively. The Aroma Cleanse cosmetic line is completed by the Aromessence(TM) De Bain. This bath concentrate is rich in essential oils, which will awake your spirit and invigorate the functions of your body.